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All you Need to Know about the Tesla Model S

Elon Musk is one of the most brilliant innovators of our time, he has pioneered many technologies and has major stakes in companies such as Solar City (based out of Buffalo, New York) and PayPal (online transaction processor). But one company he has founded sticks out from the crowd – that company is Tesla. Tesla is a manufacturer of vehicles that are only electrically powered. But, Tesla vehicles do not have the same stigma attached to them as other electric cars (slow, small and not sporty vehicles).

Tesla vehicles were built to be very appealing in terms of aesthetics, as well as being a very quick and sporty vehicle. One model type of these premier type vehicles is the “Tesla Model S”. This vehicle started production in California in 2012. At that time, this vehicle boasted the highest horsepower available in an all-electric vehicle, along with the ability to travel 265 miles on a full charged battery (farther than any other electric vehicle at that time).

Tesla STesla S Models

Just like any other vehicle on the market, this particular vehicle has many different types of models and packages you can order for, or with your vehicle. In total, this vehicle has six different configurations to choose from: “75”, “70D”, “75D”, “90D”, and the “P90D”. These different configurations determine how much battery capacity your vehicle will have, along with how much horsepower it will posses. The pricing also varies for which type of configuration you decide to purchase: the “75” is the cheapest model with a price of $74,500, the “70D” has a price tag of $75,000 flat, the “75D” has a price of $79,500, the “90D” has price of $88,000, and finally, the “P90D” has a staggering price of $108,000.

Even though these vehicle are much more expensive than other electric vehicles, the quality and craftsmanship that is invested into this vehicle far exceeds any other electric vehicle on the market. The horsepower that this specific model has (even with the lowest cost configuration), is absolutely incredible. The actual horsepower for the “75” configuration (which is the cheapest option) is a staggering 382 horsepower. This is incredible for the simple fact that other electric vehicle manufacturers could not even dream of building an electric vehicle with even that much horsepower! Just to add “insult to injury” to Tesla’s competitors, the “P90D” (most expensive style of this particular vehicle) has a mind-blowing horsepower of 762 horsepower.

The Evolution of the Tesla Model S

Even though the Tesla Model S was thrown into production in 2012, it has still gone through many different changes and trial testing periods in order to get this vehicle to where it is today! One of the major changes that has been gaining a lot of attention in the public eye, is the Model S’s ability to drive itself. Maybe you have seen the videos of people trying out the autopilot option for the first time, or you may have seen the video of someone sleeping while there Tesla vehicle drove on the highway for them. This feature was rolled out in 2014! Even though people keep pushing this feature to its limits, Musk explains, it will do nothing but get better!

Tesla Model S

Another change that was rolled out in 2014 had to deal with the motor and increased acceleration. When this vehicle was first introduced in 2012, it only had one option in regards to motor placement. The motor came standard to control the rear axle. But, in 2014 Musk changed the game once again by allowing people to decide if they wanted to upgrade to an additional feature. This additional feature was to not only have a motor on the rear axle, but to have a smaller motor on the front axle as well. This feature gained a ton of traction with Tesla’s customer base, many people were coming in to have the second motor installed on there early model Tesla’s, as well as people ordering new vehicles with this feature equipped. This “double motor” option is available for $5,000 extra, but if you’re looking for some serious acceleration, it’s well worth the money!

2015 and Beyond

A really cool feature that was introduced in 2015 had to do with the navigation system and technology in the vehicle. For example, a lot of stress can come along with an electric vehicle. For instance, let’s say you don’t have a full charge on your battery and you are unsure if you will make it to your destination. With this new feature Musk has introduced to the Tesla Model S, you can input your location into the GPS and it will tell you if you can make it to and from the place you want to go without a charge. But if you cannot make it, the vehicle will advise you to charge before leaving for that particular location.

The most current change we will discuss was rolled out very recently in 2015! We are of course talking about the “Ludicrous Mode”. Now, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, be prepared to get BLOWN away! The dual motor option came standard with the “insane mode” which allowed the vehicle to go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, that’s as fast as the McLaren F1; needless to say, this already was extremely impressive. But now Tesla has unleashed this new mode called “ludicrous mode”, and has enabled the vehicle to go from 0 to 60 in as little as 2.8 seconds. This new and improved mode is a result of upgraded electronics. If you are interested in getting the ludicrous mode in your vehicle, you will have to pay an additional $10,000. But, if you want to beat that McLaren F1 off the starting line, this feature is a “must have”.

The Tesla Model STesla Model S Reviews

Just like any other vehicle on the market today, the Tesla Model S has some pros to purchasing the vehicle and it also has some cons. Let’s start with the pros.

The first pro is the battery life. Tesla has proven to the world that they can build a battery for an electric car that can go the same distance and even out travel gas guzzling vehicles. This battery does not just outlast fossil fuel burning cars, it can also outlast every other fully electric car. Another pro to purchasing this vehicle is the sleek design. Tesla has taken the stigma that all electric cars have to be small and not so good-looking, and absolutely shattered it! Also, the performance of all configurations of this particular vehicle is very good. They all have very high horsepower’s, and they can travel farther than any other completely electric vehicle on the market today!

The last major advantage to purchasing this vehicle is the overall storage space. For instance, because there is no traditional motor equipped on this vehicle (it is a electric motor), there is a lot more space in both the front of the vehicle as well as the rear of the vehicle. With some higher-class automobiles (Ferraris for instance) the motor is in the rear of the vehicle so the trunk space is in the front, but with the Tesla vehicle there is storage space in the front and rear of the vehicle; this is an awesome advantage if you are constantly searching for extra space in your current vehicle.

Tesla S Downsides

With all these different pros, or advantages to purchasing this vehicle, there are few flaws. For example, the price of this vehicle (even the cheapest of the six configurations) is fairly expensive. For a lot of people, this vehicle would be considered out of their price range. But, if your looking at this review and seriously thinking about purchasing this vehicle, I’m sure the price is not the biggest hurdle for you. Some people have stated that this vehicle lacks convenience because of the constant charging. Honestly, this is completely false. Reason being, with Tesla’s announcement of the new GPS software, this is no longer an issue. You can input your destination before even leaving your house and the vehicle will tell you if you have enough juice to make it to your destination and back.

Tesla S Final Thoughts

The Tesla Model S is an absolutely incredible vehicle. It is perfect for people who want to turn heads when they go out for a ride on the town as well as people who have small families (trunk space can transform into two additional seats). Even though the price might be a little bit out of your price range, you need to take a long hard look at what you’re getting. You’re getting a beautiful vehicle that is guaranteed to outlast many other vehicles that are currently on the road. Also, because the vehicle is strictly powered by electricity, you will be saving a ton of money on fuel. The bottom line is this, the pros and consumer alike agree, this vehicle is a “better buy” than 80% of any other vehicle currently manufactured! Pick up one today, you will NEVER regret it!