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Is the 2016 Kia Soul Right For You?

Shopping for a new vehicle is always an exciting time for a person. Are you buying a vehicle for yourself? Your children? Your spouse? Maybe even your parents? Regardless of who the vehicle is for, you need a vehicle you can trust. You need a vehicle with nice features, good safety ratings, and decent gas mileage. You need a vehicle that isn’t going to cost the owner an arm and a leg to keep it on the road. All this is why we recommend, the 2016 Kia Soul. 

2016 SoulA Little Background on Kia

Kia is the second largest manufacturer of cars in South Korea only passed by Hyundai. It’s located in Seoul with its marketing department housed in California. The word Kia means to arise out of Asia and it has excelled at doing just that.

Kia has a million plus cars on the road in the US so it’s popularity here is staggering. This amount is only expected to grow as Kia puts out better cars and continues to move forward in their manufacturing career.

Introduction to the Gorgeous 2016 Soul

The 2016 Kia Soul is one of the hatchbacks that people are crazy about right now. It’s great for those who don’t want an SUV but dig the look of the SUV crossovers with smaller cars. The Kia Soul is from South Korea and the only car from there being sold in the US with an all-electric version. It has a similar style to the Nissan Cube and Scion XB both of which are no longer in production. The competition to this model includes the Honda Civic, Nissan Juke, and the Scion IM. You can get it in three types the Base, the Plus, and the Exclaim.

What’s Different About this Year’s Model?

Kia Soul

There are some things that are different about the 2016 model that weren’t available in previous models. The Kia Soul has more standard equipment on the 2016 and there are more options that you can choose from. It also has a warning system for forward collision and if you are going into a different lane.

New models offer a keyless entry in a couple of the models which wasn’t available in previous models and makes for a convenient feature.

2016 Kia Soul Features and Specifications

The interior of the 2016 Kia Soul has a nice cabin and controls on the steering wheel. It has a great interior that is very stylish and some advanced technology to add to the overall appeal. The interior is made with only the best materials and the cabin isn’t cluttered. You can also get some options added to your car like the automatic climate control and a heated steering wheel.

The seating is surprising for a smaller car comfortably fitting five. It has heated front seats and a heated steering wheel for those cold days. You can have leather seats if you decide you would like that option or heated rear seats. Some additional features include privacy glass a rear window wiper and defogger. IT has bucket front seats and one touch power windows. The locks are power as well. There are front cup holders, front door pockets, a telescopic steering wheel, and an overhead console with storage. It has an AM/FM stereo, USB connection, six total speakers.

The Benefits of Owning This Vehicle

There are several benefits to owning the 2016 Kia Soul. First of all the braking of the car is efficient and smooth. It handles the road like a dream. People who have test driven the car like that there’s a smooth ride and it does well around curves. The next reason is because of the standard 6-speed manual transmission can also be changed to a 6-speed automatic for those who aren’t a fan of stick. The base Soul has 130 horsepower and 118 lb.-feet of torque. It’s a four-cylinder 1.6 liter and the returns on the fuel economy are great. It also has a large cargo capacity with places to put things behind the rear seats and the ability to fold them in. It includes a navigation system that has a touchscreen.The all new 2016 Kia Soul

Are There Any Negatives?

Truthfully, no vehicle is perfect. If there was a vehicle that was perfect, auto manufacturers would go out of business because there wouldn’t be a need to make anything new and better. With any vehicle, there are going to be things that some consumers like and some consumers don’t like. While it is an upgrade from the 2015 Kia Soul, the 2016 model is certainly no exception to having downsides.

For example, some people don’t like that the vehicle has a weak acceleration and feels that it is a little slow to get going. The other thing is the noise that it made when it does get up to speed. Some people found it noisy and also weren’t really impressed with the fuel efficiency either.

Safety Ratings

The 2016 Kia Soul has received a 5-star safety rating. The safety features it offers include antilock brakes, stability control that’s electric, hill starting assist, and airbags on the side and front. In addition it has child seat anchors, rear door child safety locks, and three rear head rests. It has an emergency braking assist feature and the passenger airbag has a sensor that knows when someone is in the seat.

Warranty Possibilities

You can get a five-year basic warranty that covers 60,000 miles or a 10 year limited powertrain 100,000-mile warranty. These are great for covering you for the life of your car to make sure if anything goes wrong you won’t have to pay a lot to fix it. As of now there have been no safety recalls on the Kia Soul. It’s a great car for families and singles alike. You can get the 2016 Kia Soul for around 15,000 to 20,000 depending on the model you purchase. This is known as a fresh take on a compact car and is available in some unique colors.