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Should You Buy a 2015 Kia Soul?

The 2015 Kia Soul is known for its distinctive, boxy, and unconventional appearance. It is a vehicle that is sure to turn heads in either a positive or negative way depending on your personal opinion of its’ appearance. In terms of safety, practicality, and interior design – this automobile tends to rank pretty high. It does, however, rank low when it comes to fuel economy and driveability.

There are a lot of reasons why this is a great car to have, despite falling short to some fierce competition in its segment. Let’s dig deeper and weighs the pros and cons.

The Brand New 2015 Soul2015 Kia Soul – Pros

Safety has finally become important. While previous models such as the 2014 Kia Soul were considered less than ideal when it came to safety, the manufacturer has really stepped it up with this year’s model. The redesign of the brakes and superior airbags allowed the 2015 model to receive top safety rankings. If you have decided on this make and model, you should avoid purchasing a model earlier than 2015.

Several different trim options. With this model, you have three different trims to choose from. With the base option, you get all of the traditional elements you would expect your automobile to have with a satellite XM radio and Bluetooth. With the Soul+ option, you get larger wheels, center arm rests in both the front and back of the vehicle, side mirrors with turn signals, and automatic headlights. The Soul! Option comes with even bigger wheels, a luxurious interior, and a wide range of lighting options including fog lights.

Distinct exterior. With this particular vehicle, you are getting a very boxy exterior. Whether you consider this a plus or not really comes down to whether or not you like that style on a vehicle. It is definitely a flashy and eye-catching automobile.

Gorgeous interior equipped with awesome features. The interior of this automobile is just as distinct as the exterior. It has a sporty gauge cluster, a bulky steering wheel, and an advanced looking dashboard. The center console controls all slant towards the driver and the speakers are mounted on your dashboard. You can even get multi-colored LED lighting if you want to add a funky look to the interior of the vehicle.The 2015 Kia Soul

High comfort level. There is a generous amount of leg room in this automobile. Even someone who is a little on the tall side will be comfortable both riding and driving this vehicle. The vehicle comes equipped with a low-set instrument panel which makes it convenient and easy for short drivers as well. The width of this compact automobile makes it perfect for families with two or three children. Just keep in mind, you are probably not going to get three adults in the back seat.

Solid driver. Once you are behind the wheel, you are not going to mistake this for a sports car. It offers reliable and solid steering that every driver wants their vehicle to have. It is ideal for someone who is looking for something to commute back and forth from work, school, or the baby sitter.

Great fuel and green option. The idle stop and go feature makes this vehicle extremely appealing to anyone who is looking to save gas or help the environment. The stop and go feature shuts off the engine every time the car starts. This will prevent the car from continuing to use gas every time you sit at a red light. The engine turns back on when you accelerate the vehicle. It guarantees you only use gas when you are actually driving.

2015 Kia Soul – Cons

No vehicle is perfect and the 2015 Soul is certainly no exception. Before you set your heart on purchasing this gorgeous car, you should know what experts consider to be the downsides. Then, you can make an educated decision on whether or not this is the car for you.

First, the rear pillars of the car are inconveniently thick. This hurts visibility and can make changing lanes a little difficult and nerve-wracking. This isn’t a huge problem if you are willing to get the rear camera upgrades. These cameras will make it possible for you to see everything behind you without the pillars getting in the way.

Kia Soul 2015 model

As stated previously, the boxy style of this automobile boils down to a matter of personal preference. This tends to be an exterior design style drivers either love or they hate. This means you are either going to think the car is gorgeous or ugly, there is no happy medium.

Looks are a little deceiving when it comes to this automobile as well. It has a pretty sporty look both on the outside and inside, but it disappoints some drivers when you sit down to drive it for the first time. If you are looking for a sporty looking car with a sporty drive, this is not the automobile for you. If you want something fun that is going to offer an incredible off-road experience, you need to look somewhere else.

The final big downside to this particular Kia Soul is the cargo space. With compact cars, you get a fairly roomy interior – but the cargo space is very limited. The only reason this downside isn’t a big deal is because this is something that is true with just about every compact car. When you are purchasing a compact car you expect this. Chances are pretty good you are buying it more for the roomy interior than the cargo space.

The 2015 Soul Versus the Competition

You might be wondering how this automobile matches up to the competition. After all, this manufacturer isn’t the only one to make this style of car. Are you making the best choice? When compared to other automobiles in the same class it matches up to be equal or better when it comes to safety, comfort, quality, and interior features. It does not, however, match up when it comes to overall performance or fuel economy. Some compact cars offer drivers way better gas mileage, but a much less distinct exterior.

The 2015 Kia Soul can be described as a safe and distinct car. It may not be the best vehicle if you are looking for a gas saver, but it has a gorgeous interior and exterior. There are all sorts of neat features for you to enjoy and it is definitely a head-turner. Unless you are looking for something less blocky with more cargo space, you are going to love this vehicle!