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A Closer Look at what the 2013 Kia Soul has to Offer

With the release of the 2013 models, the Kia Soul has really developed a personality and class of its own. The Soul is in a category of vehicles that relies largely on design, looks and visual appeal in which it definitely delivers a punch. As an added bonus, it is more practical than other vehicles in this class including the Scion xB, Hyundai Veloster, and Nissan Cube.

Naturally, the Soul has made a few changes to the overall package when comparing to the 2012 Kia Soul. This year’s model is quicker while at the same time adding better fuel efficiency. This vehicle is stylish, flexible, and not quite like anything else on the market.

2013 Kia Soul Design

The 2013 Soul fits perfectly into a class of boxy and stylish compact cars. It has been able to stand out from other vehicles in its class because it is both stylish and functional, and even features an urban wagon look. The Soul has a rounded front and this year’s model sports the new LED alert headlamps. The flat roofline is one of the more memorable and redeeming qualities making the exterior of the vehicle as a whole come together quite nicely.

There is nothing advanced or overwhelmingly spectacular about the interior of the 2013 model. It however, is clutter-free and extremely well organized. The materials inside may not hold up to premium brand automobiles, but they are definitely high quality.

2013 Soul2013 Soul Performance Changes

The 2013 Kia Soul is definitely up to snuff when it comes to performance. This is of course if you are comparing it to small and economic-friendly vehicles or box wagons. You should not, however, compare the performance of this vehicle to anything intended for thrills.

The Kia Soul may promise a little more than it is able to deliver with its reverse-wedge roofline and its stylish sheet metal. The vehicle drives surprisingly normal considering the vibe it gives off. It features a 1.6-liter four-cylinder which offers 121 pound-feet of torque and 136 horsepower. This is either coupled with an automatic or six-speed manual transmission.

Equipped with a rather large engine, the Soul offers plenty of low speed torque to make the six-speed automatic a comfortable ride. The manual option is a standard on certain models, but it doesn’t offer as smooth of a ride as some do not find the long pedal travel to be very comfortable. The suspension of this vehicle is not always as tight and buttoned down as the driver would want it to be. Unfortunately, this means the ride may get a little bouncy if you are driving on rough terrain.

2013 Kia Soul Final Verdict

One can rest easy knowing this is a semi-compact vehicle that does not take up a lot of space. It has a tall roof, but the boxy shape makes the vehicle both useful and convenient. There is nothing radical about the design of this vehicle, but it is extremely roomy and comfortable. It almost offers the same feel you would expect from a mini-van. If you plan on carting a lot of stuff around with you, you will love that the rear seats can fold forward. This will give you a significant amount of extra cargo space to get anything you could need from point A to B. If you are looking for a comfortable and fuel-efficient ride, you cannot go wrong with the Kia Soul.