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The Hyundai Sonata has Shocked the World!

The Hyundai Sonata has become one of the most popular full-size sedans during this new decade. Hyundai is a Korean based company that launched the Sonata into producion in 1985. It was first classified as a mid-size sedan which lasted for 26 years until they remodeled the vehicle and made some major changes in 2011. Now, the Sonata is classified as a full-size sedan thanks to a good amount of upgrades in the car’s features, size, and interior.

Hyundai Sonata Design

The brand new Sonata has a new sleek design thanks to its model changes in 2011. Not only did Hyundai make it much roomier on the inside, but they’ve added many sporty features to the exterior of the car to make it more attractable to consumers. They added a chrome grille in the front along with much larger stock alloy wheels. Hyundai, in recent years, is becoming known for providing some of the best vehicle paint jobs in the industry, and the Sonata is no different. The side mirrors even have heated capabilities to eliminate fog or frost during those cold winter nights and the windows have been made with solar control in order to block hot UV rays from coming into the vehicle – protecting you from the heat of the sun. The Sonata also remodeled their trunk space allowing for more cargo room. Hyundai has really taken a strong hold of the market.

Interior Features

SonataThe interior comes with many new features and upgradeable options to please everyone. The newest feature is the Blue Link technology created by Hyundai in order to make your journey an easier one.

Blue link allows you to locate nearby stores and gas stations, learn issues going on with your car, call out for help, find the fastest route to your destination, and a handful of other things as well. Blue Link is pretty new technology and something that Hyundai is very excited about. Learn more about the interior of this vehicle here.

Various Sonata Models

This vehicle comes in three different packages. The GLS, the SE, and the Limited Trim. The GLS is the cheapest of the bunch, starting with an MSRP of $20,895. The next model up is the SE which comes stock with automatic headlights, front foglights, an upgraded vehicle anti-theft alarm system, and front heated seats. The MSRP for the SE is $23,345. Lastly, we have the Limited Trim. It has a barrage of additional features including a compass, a universal garage opener, upgraded seating and much much more. More about each model can be viewed here.

Performance Levels

As for performance, the Hyundai Sonata has far exceeded customer expectations with its newest model changes. 198 Horsepower and a torque of 185 LB-FT makes this car a very powerful 4 cylinder vehicle. It has a direct injection fuel system that gives off 24 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway. Not bad for a full-size sedan if you ask me!