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Exploring the Reasons for a 2015 Kia Rio

Purchasing a new vehicle is exciting. Even if you’ve managed to narrow it down to a specific manufacturer, you still have a number of options to consider. One of those options from Kia, is the 2015 Rio.

Kia is a manufacturer that has made some incredible strides since it was created back in 1944. At the time, it was just a manufacturer of bicycle parts and steel tubing. Both which were manufactured by hand at the time. The company later expanded to making whole bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, and then automobiles. It was in 1974 that the company’s first automobile assembly plant opened.

Since the first plant was founded, Kia has become one of the most sought after automobiles on the road. Known for being budget friendly with sleek and modern designs, this automobile brand is available all around the world.

The 2015 RioWhat’s Special about the 2015 Kia Rio

The biggest reason why most people look at the 2015 Rio is due to affordability. Even what is considered to be the premium trim with advanced features comes in at less than $20,000 – which is incredible for a brand new vehicle. Unfortunately, you can’t let price be the only deciding factor.

When it comes to features and performance, this year’s model does have some perks. The 1.6 Liter I4 engine which 138-horsepower will give you all of the power you need for a vehicle of this size. This is definitely a vehicle that packs a punch if that is what you are looking for.

Green Design with Awesome Fuel Economy

The maximum fuel economy of the 2015 Kia Rio is 37 miles per gallon on the highway and 28 on the city roads. This is an incredible EPA rating when compared to comparable alternative vehicles. In fact, this is one of the most fuel efficient subcompact cars on the market. The Idle Stop and Go technology just makes the vehicle more impressive as you are only going to be using fuel while you are driving. Every time you stop the engine is going to shut off. This allows you to save fuel and limit the strain on the engine when the vehicle is sitting in idle.

Gorgeous Interior which Doesn’t Add to the PriceThe Brand new 2015 Kia Rio

The problem with having a vehicle with a rich interior is the rich interior comes at a price. Fortunately, that is not true with this vehicle. It comes with a gorgeous interior and it didn’t raise the cost as you would come to expect. The LX and EX models come with woven cloth upholstery that has durable and attractive finishes. The entire vehicle just has a sophisticated look and feel. The South-Touch dashboard just adds to the sense of elegance that the vehicle offers.

For your convenience, your turn signals have been integrated into the side mirrors on this vehicle. The mirrors also have a heating element built-in. This will prevent them from fogging or accumulating snow or ice. You will never have to worry about having side mirrors you cannot actually use.

The contemporary exterior certainly doesn’t hurt either. It features LED taillights and a gorgeous exterior design. While the manufacturer doesn’t change much with the exterior from one year to the next in this model, it still looks great.

Reasons The 2015 Kia Rio might Not be Right for You

No vehicle is perfect and this year’s model is certainly no exception. Although it does have some added perks from the 2014 Kia Rio, it still has many downsides.

Bumpy Ride

You are not in for a smooth ride with this vehicle either. It has a curb weight of slightly more than 2,500 pounds and offers a stiff and bumpy ride. This is partially a result of the low ground clearance of barely 5 inches. Unfortunately, this vehicle doesn’t do a very good job of absorbing the grinds of the road.

Mediocre Sound System

The sounds system in this vehicle leaves a lot to be desired. The only upside to this downside is the fact that a sound system is not perfect. If you know a little bit about electrical work, you could replace the sound system yourself. Otherwise, you could get any mechanic to replace it. You just have to purchase a new one. If you do not purchase and install a new one, avoid turning the volume up too high as it sounds unnatural.

Small Wheels

The Rio comes equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels. Unfortunately, this isn’t ideal for extreme acceleration. The small wheels are also not going to work well with premium tires that are ideal for all-season driving.

The 2015 Kia Rio definitely has its plusses and minuses. Although the affordability was great, the car just seemed to have too many cons for my liking. This car seems ideal for a first-car driver who is looking for something cheap without all the added features. The bottom line will come down to what exactly you are looking for. Kia has proved itself as a top-quality manufacturer, and there’s no denying the reliability!