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The 2016 Acura RDX Takes the Stage

It’s hard to improve upon what many considered to be the ultimate mid size crossover, the 2015 RDX, but Acura has somehow pulled it off. The V-6 3.5 liter VTEC engine is still under the hood and as powerful and smooth as ever, but with a few more horsepower topping out at 279 HP.

Backed by the now standard 4 year/50,000 mile warranty and a 6 year/70,000 mile power-train warranty, this crossover has come into its own. Now that the RDX is about as finely tuned as it could be, Acura has taken all this and put it into a sport hybrid sedan, the 2016 Acura RDX.

2016 RDXThe 2016 Acura RDX is the 4th installment in Acura’s Second Generation RDX Design

Like the earlier second generation models, the body design is still as sporty and stylish as ever, largely unchanged. Side by side with the 2015 RDX, the first thing you notice is the new multi-LED headlight set, the “Jewel Eye” that has become so popular on recent models.

The rear lights get the same LED treatment and the new wheel designs really stand out. The fit and finish that we have come to expect from Acura is there of course, and the spoiler and the lean, mean look that caught our eye when the 2013 RDX was introduced have thankfully remained untouched. With the front and rear styling just slightly modified, the now familiar look of the RDX still stands strong.

2016 RDX Interior Changes

Not so much has changed for the luxurious interior and that’s a good thing. Refined might be a better word because most of what made the previous second generation models so desirable is still evident, only better. Style. Elegance. Luxury. That’s what you find when you look around the cabin. The dash has been cleaned up a bit with a few added goodies and some old standbys.

  • Dual screens that allow the use of different control sets at the same time
  • Steering wheel mounted audio controls
  • Heated mirrors, seats and backs
  • Leather bucket seats
  • As usual, power EVERYTHING
  • Premium sound system

RDX Performance Changes

The 6 speed, the traction control, the ABS with brake assist, the electronically controlled stability all combine to give the 2016 RDX that sporty feel that we first found in the 2013 model. The extra horsepower this year doesn’t seem like a lot but you could almost say the RDX is quick. There’s plenty of torque when needed and you get up to highway speed before you even realize it thanks to the almost imperceptible shift changes. The ride is quiet and smooth and just plain comforting and if you need a little more adventure than comfort, just press that pedal and go!