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The 2014 Acura RDX: The Best of the 2013 Model and More

Last year’s model was a completely redesigned makeover compared to the first generation and the 2014 Acura RDX has all that and more. We still get the sporty crossover look with a manageable, nimble size and this years model only adds to the appeal.

There’s more technology, more of the great handling and smooth ride and a long list of safety and comfort features. The big V6 provides a lot of power and still manages a combined 24 MPG. Let’s take a closer look.

2014 RDX2014 RDX Exterior Design

Just like last year’s version, the sporty look and the modern design catch your attention right away. The 18” tires, the spoiler, and the shear sportiness are all there with the same attention to detail Acura owners have come to expect.

The two models both display some defining features that really set them apart from the first generation. From a longer wheelbase and wider stance to the streamlined appearance and not-so-SUV design, this mid-size crossover looks and feels like a driver’s vehicle with the added benefit of roominess and towing capacity.

Inside the RDX Passenger Cabin

Acura’s luxurious interior is evident right away as the placement and functionality of various controls seems almost instinctive. It looked as if there wasn’t a lot to be done to improve upon the 2013 RDX, but Acura managed to make a great crossover even better. The convenience of power everything, the heated memory seats and of course the industry leading safety features are all still evident. Additionally, this SUV comes with power moon-roof, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, and more:

  • Push button starting
  • Pandora Internet radio
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Remote Key-Less Entry
  • Active noise control
  • Rear-view camera
  • Leather seats
  • Bluetooth wireless


The available Technology Package offers even more for the tech connoisseur. Things like the AcuraLink package with its Satellite Communication System, Real-Time Traffic and Weather and Navigation System. Add in the Acura/ELS Surround Premium Sound System and the 60 gigabytes hard-drive, and you will have a crossover for even the most hardcore techie. Acura knows that drivers do a lot more than just drive, they spend a lot of time in their vehicles and deserve the added benefits that technology can provide.

On the Road – 2014 RDX Performance

The biggest improvements in the second generation RDX are truly more felt than seen. Six speeds and 24 valves make driving easy and maybe dare I say, fun again! The cornering and braking really do feel more like a sports car than an SUV. ABS brakes with brake assist and traction control make sure you can enjoy the feel of the V6 engine like it was meant to be enjoyed. Some of the best redesign points come along for the ride in the 2014 RDX:

  • Electronic stability
  • Variable valve control
  • 273 Horsepower

  • Sequential sport shifting
  • Cylinder-deactivation technology
  • All wheel drive

2014 Acura RDX Final Verdict

Although very similar to the 2013 RDX, this year’s model has enough added features to peak one’s interest. Acura has added a touch of luxury to sedans and SUVs without having to fork out loads of money for many years now and it seems to have done it again with the 2014 Acura RDX.