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The 2015 Honda Pilot New and Improved

If you love the great outdoors, take regular trips to the home store, or are in charge of the neighborhood carpool, the 2015 Honda Pilot is the crossover you have been looking for. With a lower than average cargo floor and second and third row seats that fold down flat, you can use your Pilot for all your errands.

Regardless of whether you are picking up supplies for this years garden or buying a new piece of furniture, the Pilot has the space that you need to haul it. If that isn’t enough, it has a towing capacity of 4,500 and is able to pull a trailer without an issue. This rugged performance rivals any mid-size SUV and in some cases, the Pilot is actually roomier. If you are looking to move away from a gas guzzling SUV and are not interested in a family minivan, this crossover gives you the interior space, towing capacity, and durability your family needs at an affordable price.

2015 PilotHigh-Ratings for the 2015 Honda Pilot

According to U.S. News & World Report, auto journalists found that the Pilot had fantastic visibility, critical for driving safely. It also gets rave reviews for how much more space it has than many of the other crossovers.

Thanks to a large third row, eight passengers can fit inside of the Pilot and do so without feeling overly cramped or crowded. This single feature helps it stand apart from other crossovers and even over SUVs and minivans that typically only seat seven.

2015 Pilot Features

This year, Honda released the SE trim to provide buyers with another option for added features they want inside of their crossover. Here are some of the standard features you will find –

  • Lots of storage
  • Seats that fold down flat
  • 17” wheels
  • Full power accessories
  • Climate control
  • Large center display
  • Seven to ten speaker surround sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • V6 engine
  • FWD
  • Upgraded air bags
  • Top-of-the-line safety features
  • Entertainment system

The 2015 Honda Pilot is a Safe Family Vehicle

You cannot beat the reputation that Honda has established for safety. They are the go-to manufacturer for affordable vehicles that are incredibly safe to drive. When it comes to Honda, you do not have to sacrifice safety or quality for an affordable price – you get both with relative ease. The 2014 Pilot and this year’s model both have features like traction control and anti-lock brakes, amongst a variety of high-end safety features making it secure for the entire family.

Biggest Benefits of Driving the 2015 Pilot

It really comes down to space. The only other way to comfortably seat eight people is to buy an SUV with an expensive trim package or to purchase a full size van. Eight seats simply do not come standard in any type of personal vehicle. For a lot of people the extra seat is not necessary; however, if you have children, parents and neighbors to drive around, it can become a lifesaver. When you factor in that even adults can comfortably fit in the third row, this becomes a crossover in a league of its own!