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Why the 2014 Honda Pilot is the Perfect Crossover

When it comes to seating capacity, cargo room, fuel efficiency and dependability, the 2014 Honda Pilot is an ideal crossover for any family. Backed by the dependable reputation of Honda, you can be confident that this crossover will meet the needs of your family and do so for years to come.

Honda makes some of the longest-lasting vehicles on the road today and with a 3year/36,000mile warranty, you can depend on your new Pilot to live up to that promise. For anyone looking for a family vehicle that is not a minivan or a gas guzzling SUV, this crossover is sure to do the trick.

2014 PilotWhy We Love Driving the Honda Pilot Crossover

Crossovers have to work twice as hard to make an impression as they are that utility tool that serves a million different functions. The Honda Pilot however, is one of the best at doing so. The 2014 Pilot seats eight meaning that it has a greater seating capacity than most SUVs or minivans.

For anyone that has an extended or large family this is hands down an excellent solution. Simultaneously, they are also easy to drive and very nimble. Unexpected is the fact that the Pilot also has a high towing capacity with the ability to tow up to 4,500 pounds – pretty remarkable for a crossover.

Features of the 2014 Honda Pilot

    • V6 engine
    • FWD
    • 5-speed automatic transmission
    • Anti-lock brakes
    • Power tailgate
    • Advanced airbags
    • USB integration

    • Vehicle stability assist
    • Bluetooth
    • Tire pressure monitoring system
    • Backup camera
    • Traction control
    • Integrated sun shades
    • Electronic brake distribution

Reviews of the 2014 Honda Pilot

Critics have raved about the incredible amount of space inside the Pilot. The best feature of this crossover is not just that it has room for eight, but eight comfortably. No one has to feel crowded when taking a ride in this SUV. With second and third row seats that fold down flat, there is enough room to head to the home store, garden center, or to bring your skis to the slopes. Since it has a low cargo floor, you can fit taller items as well. Auto journalists have also praised how well it maneuvers and fits into smaller spaces and on narrow roads.

Safety Benefits and Fuel Efficiency

Honda has a stellar reputation when it comes to safety and the Pilot lives up to it. Numerous safety features including the electronic brake distribution and advanced airbags helps to keep you and your passengers’ safe on the road. As for fuel efficiency, the 2014 Pilot is best in its class. You can always expect to get further on a tank when driving a Honda. Crossovers are not known for being very fuel efficient but similar to the 2013 model, the 2014 Pilot is rated by the EPA as having 18mpg in the city and 25mpg on the highway. This is far superior to many of the comparable SUVs on the road. With more seating and large cargo space, there is no reason not to jump from an SUV to a crossover and many people are doing exactly that.