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Outlining the Changes on the 2013 Honda Pilot

As a mid-size SUV, the 2013 Honda Pilot provides drivers with dependability, performance, and features that make driving an SUV more enjoyable. With seating for eight, the Pilot is an ideal option for large families or those looking to haul friends and family around town. Since most SUVs only seat seven, Honda is delivering a much-needed solution to those bigger families. With good gas mileage consisting of 18/25mpg, this crossover will continuously save you money at the pump. With a consistent focus on fuel efficiency, the Pilot is the highest rated in its category.

2013 Honda Pilot – Flexibility of a Crossover

When it comes to diversity and functionality, a crossover is an ideal solution for many families. Smaller than a full size SUV and sportier than a minivan, the 2013 Pilot is a good compromise. Not only does it have more seating capacity but the Pilot has plenty of cargo space with the option of folding down the second and third rows. On top of that, it has a fair amount of towing capacity as well. It can tow 4,500 pounds which is far more than other crossovers and as a result, you can tow your fishing boat or pop-up camper without any issues or headaches.

2013 Pilot

Convenient Features of the 2013 Pilot

  • Power tailgate for easy loading.
  • Glass hatch that lifts up.
  • Integrated sun shades to keep the sun out of your kids’ eyes.
  • Climate controls with three separate zones.
  • Second and third row that folds flat so that you can haul furniture, camping gear or whatever else your family needs.
  • Advanced airbag system

Additional Tech Options

  • Navigation system that can recognize your voice.
  • Entertainment system in the back (perfect for a family).
  • USB audio interface
  • Review camera to help you backup safely.
  • Bluetooth
Interior of the 2013 Honda Pilot

Top-Reviews for the 2013 Honda Pilot

If you love all things tech, it is definitely worth looking into this SUV. This is the year that Honda added Bluetooth as a standard feature, USB ports, and a higher resolution display. Additionally, the backup camera now becomes a standard feature. Critics like the straightforward and rugged design of the Pilot along with how roomy it is on the interior. Other positive reviews include how easy the navigation system is to use as opposed to other more complex options. For anyone that has needed directions in a hurry, an easy to operate system can make all the difference, though even more features are available in the 2016 Honda Pilot.

The 2013 Pilot is Backed by Honda

Honda has a reputation for manufacturing vehicles that can last for decades. It is not uncommon to still see a Honda on the road that was manufactured in 1990. When looking for a new SUV, buying the Pilot is like making a long-term investment as it can be passed down to your children. Not only do Honda’s last, but they have a low cost of ownership and come with a 3yr/36,000 mile full warranty. This makes them easy to drive, own and keep for years to come. Plus, given Honda’s consistent focus on safety, you can be certain that your family is riding around in something that will keep them secure – which is ultimately worth more than anything else one has to offer.