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The 2015 Nissan Murano has been Completely Redesigned

Crossovers tend to elicit the visual image of a highly functional, yet boring family vehicle. The newly redesigned 2015 Nissan Murano breaks that mold in every way. If you are driving last year’s 2014 Murano, you should definitely test drive the new model. This may be one time where the upgrade is well worth it.

How the 2015 Murano is Breaking Every Mold

Whether you are looking for a powerful vehicle, one with good gas mileage, a comfortable ride, or a sleek and sexy interior, you can get it all with the new Murano. In fact, this is one crossover that is sure to impress virtually anyone that drives it. While the MSRP on a new one starts around $29,000, you can upgrade to top of the line everything with the SL trim package for only $7,000 more. This is an excellent way to get high-end features like heated leather seats and an upgraded technology package while still staying well under what you would expect to pay when buying a luxury brand. Simultaneously, this new Nissan acts like one.

2015 MuranoThe Design is Remarkable

This is a crossover like nothing on the road today. It is sleeker, sexier, more sophisticated and design-forward than what you will see with most sedans, let alone a family crossover.

The Murano is truly an excellent solution for anyone that needs more size but is unwilling to compromise on design or performance. Now there is simply no reason to. The exterior lines of the Murano are futuristic in a gentle way while the full length moonroof adds a high-end modern features that is typically associated with more expensive vehicles. The new color palate is also design forward and sure to impress you.

Fresh and Bold Interiors Grace the 2015 Nissan Murano

The interior of the Murano is refreshingly modern with everything from the color palate to the dash and displays being updated. With a wide array of impressive features, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised when test driving a new Murano. It comes equipped with Bluetooth, USB ports, audio streaming, a large 7-inch touchscreen display, satellite radio, an app for your smartphone and more. If these high-tech and highly convenient features weren’t enough, you can buy your Murano with heated and leather seats (both front and back) along with a soft and plush leather-wrapped steering wheel along with additional leather accents.

2015 Murano BackseatRethinking the Backseat in a new Way

The design team at Nissan has been able to blend modern with comfort and sophistication with the incredibly sexy interior of the new Murano. There is more room in between the driver and passenger seat so that a communication zone is created.

Essentially, they have made it so that the driver and passenger can easily communicate with those in the backseat. This additional space also makes it possible for backseat passengers to see clearly through the front window and even to look at the display screen in the dash.

For adult passengers or teens, the ability to feel connected with the front seat is important and necessary. If you and your friends are going out to dinner, you will no longer feel like a chauffeur and they will no longer feel like a little kid along for the ride.

When you combine this overall experience with the fact that the backseat reclines and can come heated, their experience will be very similar to yours. The backseat even has their own USB port and can project onto the center screen for easy viewing pleasure. All in all, this is an excellent solution for anyone that drives around coworkers or friends on a regular basis.

The 2015 Nissan Murano is Award Winning

If you want a crossover that both drivers and critics enjoy, this years’ Murano was awarded the Best Small Utility Vehicle by MotorWeek and U.S. News rated it the Best 2-Row SUV for the money.

2015 Murano Safety Features

In addition to the incredible design and superior performance, the Murano is full of the safety features that your family needs in order to reach your destination safely. It comes with a

2015 Nissan Murano

comprehensive warning system that can alert you of everything from another vehicle entering your blind spot to your tire pressure becoming too low and provide you with a warning if you could get into a wreck. Additional safety features actually help you to avoid one. The brake assist, as an example, will actually apply the brakes to stop your crossover if you get too close to another car and have failed to do so.

Combined with a vehicle dynamic control and the ability to redistribute your braking power, the Murano is designed to help prevent accidents. If the unfortunate happens and you are in one, Nissan has an airbag system that provides incredible levels of protection for both the driver, front passenger and those in the backseat. Nissan has even tested a variety of car seats and boosters in order to create a guide for which ones you should buy for your child when driving your Murano.

High-Tech Meets Safety

Beyond comprehensive, Nissan has taken safety to a whole new level. This is done by leveraging technology. Solutions like their rear cross traffic alert will tell you if anything will be driving by when you are trying to back out of a parking stall. They have even included a moving object detection alert that can help to warn you if a small child or animal runs by, two things that are often undetectable due to their small size. The predictive warning system is so advance that it will monitor the speed of the cars in front of you with the distance between you and them in order to alert you that there is a need to stop quickly. When you purchase a 2015 Nissan Murano it comes with a standard 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty. This will give you the peace of mind needed to buy and drive with confidence!