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The 2014 Nissan Murano Delivers Best-in-Class Performance

With the introduction of the 2014 Murano, Nissan continues down the path to excellence in manufacturing sports utility vehicles. There has been a definite trend in the auto industry to manufacture SUV’s that are more rugged, giving them a very bulk and strong definition.

The results have been many SUV’s that seem as though they are exactly the same, while the Murano continues to buck this trend. Designed with a flow and continuation in mind, this SUV adopts the organic lines that Nissan first took over a decade ago. With world class engineering under the hood, this 5 passenger SUV is in a class all by itself.

The fuel economy it offers, the strong performance of its V6 engine, and the continuously variable transmission (CVT), have created a brand for the Murano itself, and a dedicated following. With a smooth and often described as luxurious ride, this is one SUV you definitely want to take a closer look at.

2014 Murano2014 Murano Models and Trims

It really makes no difference, from a looks perspective, which one of the four options you chose for the 2014 Murano. All of the four have the same sporty looking exterior, classy interior, and will stand out from all the other SUV’s floating around in your neighborhood.

With slight improvements from the 2013 Murano in interior design and model trims, this year’s model is an all-around impressive vehicle. The four models that are available are the standard S version, which starts at $28,530 and is well rounded in its features and enhancements. For those who want a little bit more out of the car, it offers the SL and SV models which are priced starting at $31,620 and $35,480 respectively. While there is no shyness in the features offered in the S model, the SL and SV take it to another level of comfort and style. If you truly want the best experience, with all the toys Nissan can put in a car, the LE is offered with a significant increase in bells and whistles starting at just $$37,970.

2014 Nissan Murano Features

While the S model of the 2014 Nissan Murano has some outstanding features, both the SL and SV have significantly more standard and optional enhancements. For example, they both offer a garage door transmitter which allows your car to send a signal to your garage door when you are getting closer, opening the door and allowing you to drive directly in.

All three of the advanced models have a Bose® sound system with a 6 or 11 speaker package depending on the model and options that you select. With this in mind, the S model also has the Bose® sound system, which is compatible with AM/FM/CD/MP3. HomeLink® is also an available feature, while a rearview back up camera is standard in most models of the Murano.

While all of these are impressive, it is often the understated features of a car than make it stand out. Features like an onboard tachometer, a trip computer, and notification system when your tires are running low. Fog lamps are standard on the 2014 Murano, and automatic lights are standard on the SL, SV, and LE models. In addition, the headlights can be programed to stay on for a delayed period of time, while you find your house keys and enter your abode.

Under the Hood of the 2014 Murano

One of the greatest features of this years’ model is the amount of power that Nissan has packed into it. Featuring a 3.5 liter 260 HP engine that delivers 240lbs of torque, the Murano is serious about speed, drivability, and the ability to two something if you need it. All the models come standard with all-wheel drive, while there is an option on all four models to upgrade to four-wheel drive.

For people who want to take this car off road, you have a maximum capacity of conquering an approach angle of 28.8 degrees, and a maximum ramp break over angle of 15.8 degrees. With an allowed clearance of 7.4”, the 2014 Nissan Murano is not in the least bit shy about going off road. Combine that with the best in class handling capabilities, and the fact that the car has a special iPod interface to play your own music as you go off road, and you have an SUV worth taking home.