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Comfort and Convenience in the 2013 Nissan Murano

The 2013 Nissan Murano continues with Nissan’s trend setting ways. While many automakers have adopted the square lines and rugged exteriors for the sports utility vehicles, the Murano stays true to the original round shape that is pleasing, organic, and sets the car apart from the many other mid-size SUV’s driving on the road today.

Since coming out with the Murano over a decade ago, Nissan has continued to innovate and use solid engineering practices to develop a car that is the perfect blend of style and power, and included a driver oriented suspension which sets it apart in its class. With fuel economy that surpasses virtually all of its competitors, the Murano continues to wow drivers with its V6 engine and continuously variable transmission (CVT), making for a much smoother and luxurious ride.

Nissan Murano 2013 model

2013 Murano Trims

Regardless of the Murano model you choose, you are going home with a sporty looking SUV crossover that has excellent aesthetics and room for plenty of people and cargo. With that being said, there are some differences in what you can buy and what you are going to get when you consider one of the four different options available.

To start things off, Nissan offers you the Standard S version at a bargain price of $28,440. However if you are looking for a little bit more, then the SV and SL models comes into play which are economically priced at $31,530 and $35,290 respectively. While the S model offers a great deal of features, both the SV and SL are testaments to the amount of luxury Nissan has put into this crossover. To top things off and for those who really want all the bells and whistles that are available in a Nissan SUV, the LE model should be right up your alley starting at $37,880.

2013 Nissan Murano Features

The SV and SL models come well equipped with a number of outstanding features. Included in these packages is a very futuristic garage door transmitter which automatically opens your garage as your vehicle approaches. You also get a HomeLink® remote system, an auto dimming rearview mirror, and between 6 – 11 high-quality speakers powered by an outstanding Bose music system. The front lights are automatic like most in its segment, which means you never have to worry about leaving your lights on.

The car will warn you when you have low pressure in the tires, and all three of the upper end models come with a rearview camera that makes it easier to reverse. It is often the smaller details that make all the difference in a car, and with an inbuilt tachometer, a trip computer, and optional integrated navigational system, the 2013 Nissan Murano is sure to impress even the pickiest of buyers.

Under the Hood

2013 MuranoWith a 3.5 liter 260 HP engine, this year’s Murano packs a lot of power into a small frame. The car offers its drivers 240lbs of torque and a four-wheel drive package for those drivers who need more than the standard all-wheel drive. If you plan on going off road, the SUV offers an approach angle of 28.8 degrees, a necessary minimum ground clearance of 7.4”, and a minimum ramp break over angle of 15.8 degrees.

In other words, you are in great hands taking this vehicle off road. Despite the amazing capabilities packed in with various luxuries, this is a car that provides stable everyday driving as well. With a respectable 23 MPG highway and 18 MPG in the city, the vehicle won’t kill your fuel economy while still letting you have an SUV to be proud of.

2013 Nissan Murano Final Verdict

The Murano has a best-in-class steering performance which leads to better handling capability when weather isn’t the greatest. Nissan has been known for providing vehicles that have good performance, stability, endurance, and longevity and we get just that with the 2013 Nissan Murano.