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Acura MDX Accessories and Features

Driving an average SUV and driving one fully loaded with top-level accessories are two totally different things. Acura MDX accessories not only enhances your pride as an owner but also eases your daily lifestyle. 

Acura holds the distinction of being the first Japanese automotive luxury brand, a division of the Japanese motor company Honda. Acura has been marketed in the United States since March 1986, making luxury and performance their ultimate belief which later led to their slogan “Precision Crafted Performance.” The brand experienced a revival in the early 2000s on account of redesigns and introductions of new models. In 1987, Acura made a smash hit by pushing their sales to 109,000 cars with the Legend sedan accounting for 55,000.

How is the Acura MDX Different from Other SUVs?

The Acura MDX is a medium sized luxury SUV which was the first crossover SUV to have third-row seating. The alphanumeric abbreviation stands for “Multi-Dimensional luxury.” Some of the awards won by this vehicle are as follows:

  • North American Truck Of The Year award 2001.
  • Car and Driver magazine’s Best Luxury Suv 2001
  • The 2010 model ranked as the #1 Luxury Midsize SUV by US News And World Report

If the Acura MDX is not enough for the way it stands in front of you, wait till you check out the new electrifying series of accessories launched to compliment it. Since we all know that accessories are unlimited, everyday we witness the birth of a new part to amplify the design or convenience of your ride. So here is a list of the selected few accessories which are both handy and affordable.

Acura MDX 2012

  • Backup Sensor Kit; Are you unsure about reversing an SUV? This vehicle is fitted with state of the art backup sensor kits at the read bumper to alert drivers about obstacles at the rear end while reversing. Alert beep increases in frequency as the vehicle nears the obstacle.
  • LED Flashlight with Lazer Pointer: This is inclusive of LED flashlight, magnetic base and seatbelt cutter and window spike all at the tip of a single AAA battery.

The available upgrades for this vehicle can be categorized into 3 sections – interior, exterior and maintenance:


  • Weathertech DIgitalFit Floor Liner: For the most advanced concept in floor protection, the MDX can be equipped with weathertech’s digitalfit 1 piece floor liner for all seasons allowing a rigid core for strength and friction to the carpet. It helps trap mud, dirt and water.
  • Cargo cover and organizer: The Acura MDX cargo cover is made of plastic and vinyl, ensuring precision fit which keeps your belongings out of sight, or in other words, safe. The cargo organizer implies a more disciplined settling and stacking up of luggage. If you are worried about breaking some valuables while on a journey, this foldable sturdy canvas will keep it in place and will keep it safe.
  • Shift Knob: This little perforated wooden fellow adds a high sense of elegance and grace and you would be surprised at how quickly your eyes will be stuck to it.
  • Cooler Bag: This genius bag has a section to store ice to keep your beverages cool while you pay attention on the road. Truely a follower of the saying best when served chilled.
  • Windshield Shade: Custom fit reflective windshield shade helps keep the interior of the Acura MDX cool and refreshing while parked under the sun on a hot sunny afternoon.


  • Full Nose Mask: If you are a car lover then the first thing you would do is protect. This factory made nose masks that prevent the front of the suv from damage by protecting it from flying stones and unwanted insects that create unnecessary hassle.
  • Front Lower Trim: This trim adds a metallic aura around the lower air intake and the aluminium alloy material enhances strength and stability.
  • Rear Lower Trim: A bright metallic finish to compliment the twin exhaust outlets.
  • Air deflector: Trouble on dusty roads? The Acura MDX air deflector keeps your windshield clean and protects hood paint by deflecting airflow over the hood and over the roof.
  • Moonroof Visor: The moonroof visor helps reduce internal noise, allows sunlight inside the suv. But since there are no hard and fast rule about how to use it…you can might as well let your creative juices flow and experience the wild side.


  • Drain Plug Washer: Everytime the oil is changed the drain plug washer should be changed as recomended by Acura to ensure proper sealing.
  • Shin Etsu Grease: Doors giving you a har time? The Shin Etsu grease is your top solution for lubricating rubber door seals. You might think the tube looks small but hang on to be amazed at how little can go so far.
  • Polish: Compacted and manufactured for the only purpose of ready to use. Be it sunlight or rain,you want to polish your baby, go go ahead and do it.

If you are wondering how to “pimp your ride” in a luxurious way while remaining affordable, the Acura MDX has a wide array of features and accessories available for your model. If you already own one of these SUVs, take it to another level and convert your baby to the beast it can become!