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A Closer Look at the 2010 Acura MDX

The 2010 Acura MDX added some new features this year and now stands out as a crossover SUV with a new grille, front fascias and a revised rear. It improved its performance with a better V6 engine that also includes a 6-speed transmission gearbox.

On top of that, the cabin got more luxurious and new high technology features are now included as well. You even get access to a navigation system equipped with a hard drive to store traffic routes and music. Let’s take a deeper look.

2010 Acura MDX Reviews

The 2010 Acura MDX is a very good choice for those looking for a crossover luxury midsize SUV due to the sporty performance and various new technology features. The most important factors that can be mentioned are the high safety scores, great handling, high-tech gadgets, decent fuel economy, powerful engine and the large third row seat. The cons include a dashboard too cluttered with buttons, and the fact that other crossovers offer more cargo and passenger space.

The 2010 MDX features a V6 3.7 L engine capable of 300 hp and a torque of 270 pounds per foot. You have manual shift control for the automatic transmission gearbox as standard and you gain access to the SH-AWD system that is found in the Acura TL and RL sport sedans. This SUV reaches 60 miles per hour in less than eight seconds and the fuel economy averages at 18 miles per gallon.

2010 Acura MDX

MDX Safety Ratings

Safety is another very important factor to cars nowadays and is quickly becoming a huge selling point. As for the 2010 MDX, there are many standard features that you will appreciate which include: antilock disk brakes, braking assistance, airbags for the front side and the full length of the car, stability control, trailer towing stabilizing and active head restraints for the front seats.

New to the 2010 model is the Collision Mitigating Braking System. It warns the driver through auditory and visual warnings that a collision is probable. If that collision is imminent, hard braking is automatically applied and the front seatbelts will cinch up. This is a new feature that has been becoming more prevalent in cars nowadays and is a great safety addition.

This SUV received five out of five stars in the security rating for both side and frontal impacts. You will end up paying less for the insurance as the official rating is “Good” and so it entitles you to discounts on your policies. But what’s even better than cheap insurance policies? Assured safety!! You can have peace of mind driving this SUV around as the crash ratings are so stellar that it lessens the damage done by any accident. People always tend to look at design or performance on a car but safety is always number #1 in my eyes and is greatly underrated if you ask me.

Driving ImpressionsMDX 2010 Model

We have to keep in mind that we are looking at an SUV with three seating rows and one that definitely offers a very unique driving experience. Many like the addition of SH-AWD, especially when driving on curvy roads. It is easy to feel the torque that will shift from one wheel to the other through hard to turn corners. Additionally, the new advance package which adds to the driving experience comes in highly recommended, especially when at high speeds.

The V6 engine offers good acceleration that is just a little soft when you want to climb right into midranges. After the midrange point, the engine will pull its own weight and that of the passengers with ease. When referring to the six-speed automatic gearbox, it needs to be mentioned that it is a really good one, with very quick downshifts and smooth upshifts. As a whole, the driving experience is definitely a pleasant one and you will enjoy driving the 2010 Acura MDX more than other cars in this class. Acura did a wonderful job on improving a vehicle that was already pretty good.