The New Features of the 2016 Honda Accord

Dynamic redesign, high-end features, sophistication – all of these can be used to describe the 2016 Honda Accord. The 2015/2016 models present Honda in a whole new light. While the impressive safety ratings, value and fuel efficiency are still there – now the design of the Accord matches its many other benefits.


Comparing the 2015 Honda Accord

You cannot beat the value of a 2015 Honda Accord. As an established auto manufacturer, Honda does not disappoint with this latest sedan. Not only has the Accord continued to receive high acclaim for safety and functionality, it has also been recently redesigned for a sleeker and sexier body style.


Making the Comparison with the 2014 Honda Accord

Safety and affordability are the two claims that have dominated the reputation of all Honda models. The 2014 Honda Accord continues along this line, providing American families with a dependable sedan or coupe that can be bought when the first child is born and last well through their high school graduation.


The New and Improved 2013 Honda Accord

Honda has a reputation for being a brand that delivers excellent quality, dependability and affordability. Everyone, from first time drivers to moms and retirees, enjoy the efficiency that they deliver and the Honda Accord is no exception. 


Beyond Reliable, the 2012 Honda Accord is Fun to Drive

The 2012 Honda Accord delivers high quality performance, clear and undisputable value, comfort, responsiveness, plenty of space and everything that you could need from a mid-size sedan or coupe. Honda knows what they are doing and has been building reliable cars for decades.

Recently, however, they have been also focused on the design elements that make cars stand out. The new model is certainly an improvement over their older models. In fact, anyone that is looking for a sleeker and sexier car can find it in the Accord coupe.


What You Should Know About the Honda Accord Hybrid

For a hybrid sedan that has high safety ratings, can fit your kids comfortably, take your friends on a long-awaited road trip, and do it all easily – meet the new Honda Accord. Honda has a reputation for manufacturing cars that stand the test of time and deliver clear value.


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