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Hyundai Genesis History and Overview

The Hyundai Genesis is one of the newest models released by Hyundai. It was launched in 2007 after the unveiling of the vehicle during the international NY Auto Show. Just 2 years after the unveiling of the car, it received the 2009 North American Award for Car of the Year and was later ranked the “Most Dependable Midsize Premium Car” by JD Power and Associates.

Hyundai has really started to make a name for itself and with this type of performance, reliability, and design – Hyundai is sure to dominate the market for years to come.

Hyundai Genesis Design

The concept of the Genesis first began in 2003 and took a whole 3 years to come about. The development period not only took a lengthy amount of time, but cost over $500 million too. All this was done by Hyundai to ensure that the Genesis was here to stay. Now, in 2012 – we have a full-sized luxury car that is stunning, sleek, and attractable. It comes with an LED headlight trim, a much more aggressive looking front end, and 7 exterior colors to choose from that will give everyone that look they really want.

The all new Hyundai GenesisInterior Features

This vehicle is more than just a sedan, its a luxury car full of joy. With interior design and features comparable to BMW’s 7 Series, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy your ride.

It comes with comfortable heated leather seating with preferential lumbar support, something that is very hard to find on a driver’s seat. Along with that is a very likeable wood and metal grain trim, bluetooth, a push-to-start engine, XM satellite radio, and on top of all that, a 7 speaker audio system that will put you in awe. This is definitely a luxurious car.

Genesis Models

The Hyundai Genesis comes in three distinct models. The 3.8L, the 4.6L, and the 5.0L. There is a huge spike in the starting MSRP between the 3.8 and the other two models as the 3.8 is $10,000 cheaper than the other two.

What possibly could make the 2nd model up $10,000 more expensive? Well the biggest upgrade is the engine. The 4.6 and the 5.0 come with a V8 Engine and 375+ horsepower, whereas the 3.8 comes with a V6 engine and 333 horsepower. Take a further look here.

Hyundai Genesis Performance

Hyundai put their vehicle through extensive reliability tests taking several Genesis models for a 800,000 mile drive during its development. The results of this was prolific reliability and performance. To top that off, they wanted to make the Genesis more aggressive and powerful than any of their other cars. As a result, the Genesis 3.8 model comes with a V6 engine yielding 333 Horsepower, 291 Torque (lb-ft), and a 24-valve train. The Genesis 4.6 model comes with a V8 engine yielding 385 Horsepower, 333 Torque (lb-ft), and a 32-valve train. Lastly, the Genesis 5.0 gets a bit of a boost with the same V8 engine yielding 429 Horsepower, 376 Torque (lb-ft), and a 32-valve train. Now those are some powerful engines!