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The 2015 Genesis: Hyundai Does Luxury

Packed with high-end luxury features, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis is everything you would expect from an established European luxury car. Top performance, key comforts, spacious and a smooth ride – all things you experience when behind the wheel of a Genesis. Starting at just $38,750, the 2015 Genesis comes in with significant savings over competing brands. 

How the Genesis offers Near-Luxury at an Affordable Price

2015 Genesis

Sleek and sophisticated, the 2015 Genesis stands up to the demands of a near-luxury car. A stylish design and a well-appointed interior set the stage for dynamic performance and high-tech features. This year’s model comes with advanced features like the smart trunk which opens when you are standing three feet away.

For tech-lovers, the HD touchscreen is a powerful computer with optimal resolution. Seamlessly transition between screens and view images on the 9.2 inch screen that is far larger than what most competing brands offer. Complete with options for album art and Bluetooth integration, all of the tech features you need are only a touch away.

Performance You Can Count on

The 2015 Genesis gives you control over how you want to drive as Hyundai gives the option to choose from three engine types – all of which deliver quick performance and incredible power.  Unique to this model is its’ intelligent drive mode which enables the engine and transmission to adjust in order to achieve optimal performance. This resNew 2015 Hyundai Genesisults in better gas mileage and more control on wet, winter roads.

Plus, if you live in extremely cold weather areas, you will appreciate the snow-mode with low-traction features. When combined with heated seats and a heated steering wheel, this is a comfortable winter car. Additionally, with an 8-speed SHIFTRONIC® transmission, you can seamlessly shift for a smoother ride and polished acceleration. Paddle shifters for additional control is an option and since handling is critical for optimal performance, it also comes with a multi-link suspension. With 311 horsepower and a V6 GDI engine, the Genesis is both quick and responsive.

Refined Finishes in the 2015 Hyundai Genesis

Beyond high-performance features, this year’s Genesis comes with:

  • Leather seats.
  • Heated front seats that make driving in cold weather much more comfortable.
  • Side mirrors that have built-in turn signal indicators (an enhanced safety feature).
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system that lets you know which tire is low.
  • Superior, 18” alloy wheels.

The AWD model comes with additional luxury features, including:

  • Heated steering wheel to keep your hands nice and warm in the winter, without the need for gloves.
  • Heated backseats to keep your passengers comfortable.
  • Headlight washers for improved visibility.
  • Enhanced audio system with seven speakers. This systems syncs with Sirius XM radio and HD radio plus it plays CDs and connects with your MP3 player, giving you multiple options for how you want to access your music.
  • Dual-climate control that is automatic.

The 2015 Genesis also comes with unique features like a CO2 sensor. The only of its kind, the sensor is designed to alert you of a problem and keep both you and your passengers safe from hidden yet toxic fumes.

Backed by Hyundai Means More than You Realize

When Hyundai first entered the scene in the United States, they were viewed as a low-cost manufacturer that couldn’t produce the same level of quality that U.S. auto manufacturers could. This is far from the truth nowadays and Hyundai has worked diligently to prove it. They are so confident in the quality of their vehicles that Hyundai’s come with the best warranty in the industry. For the first five years or 50,000 miles, your Genesis will have a bumper to bumper warranty so that if anything goes wrong, you can have it fixed at no cost. This is remarkable and makes the overall cost of ownership incredibly low. All in all, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis is a steal at this price!