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Purchasing a Kia Forte Hatchback so Everyday can be an Adventure

Kia lists the new Kia Forte Hatchback (also known as the Forte5) as a vehicle for people who want every day to be an adventure. This is a vehicle that can be as versatile as the driver is. If you want innovative technology, an incredible amount of storage, and a gorgeous design – this is a car you really should be looking at.

2016 Forte Hatchback

The Kia Forte Hatchback in a Nutshell

Do you want a practical 4-door? How about a European 5-door hatchback? Maybe you want a sporty 2-door sedan. You can get any of these by opting for a Kia Forte, all while starting at a very reasonable price.

Most automobile experts agree the 2016 Kia Forte Hatchback is going to take this manufacturer to new levels in the automobile industry which is easily one of the biggest stars of their compact cars. It comes equipped with everything it needs to stand up to the other compact vehicles in its segment as the combination of features makes it a truly complete drive! Let’s take a look at four significant reasons why it’s worth the money.

  1. It Offers a Sophisticated Style

It says a lot about a vehicle when it comes equipped with the ability to improve your self-esteem. That is just what this vehicle is able to do. This particular Kia comes equipped with a very unique design. It has a sleek body and a lot of premium features such as the LED headlights , taillights, and accents. Who wouldn’t want an automobile tripped out in LED lighting? If you like the idea of top-notch wheels that are 18-inches in size, you are going to want the SX model. This is not just your average economy hatchback. It is something you can learn to love.

  1. Incredible Fuel Economy and Performance

Who wouldn’t want a vehicle that offers awesome fuel economy and performance. In fact, the 2016 model is one of the best performing compact vehicles of its year. It comes equipped with a turbocharged engine that other manufacturers cannot even begin to compete with. The gas mileage averages 24 miles per gallon which is pretty incredible for this kind of vehicle. It might not be the “best” gas mileage for this type of vehicle, but it is still pretty incredible.

  1. Comes Equipped with Tons of Space

You purchase a hatchback because you want space. Unfortunately, some of the hatchbacks on the market come with a very small amount of trunk space. This particular vehicle is not going to hurt you in that department. In fact, there is roughly 23 cubic feet of space tucked behind the rear seats. This is a competitive amount of space even when compared to much larger vehicles. To make it even better, you can fold down the seats if you need more space. With that much space and the fuel efficiency, this is a great alternative to a mini SUV. You’ll save tons of money on cash if you pick this one instead of the mini SUV on gas alone.

  1. The Price

It only makes sense that you would want to consider the price in your purchasing decision. After all, who wants to buy an expensive vehicle if it is not worth its salt in the price? This vehicle is an incredible price and you are not going to have to shell out tons of money. In fact, the basic EX model is available for less than $20,000. The price does vary depending on what year you end up investing in. Just like every other 2016 Kia Forte, you can expect a very friendly warranty with your purchase. The price of this vehicle makes it stand out when compared to other comparable vehicles.

Reasons the Forte isn’t for Everyone

Looks are pretty deceiving with this particular product line as it tends to look a lot more sportier than it really is. This is fine if you don’t care much for acceleration, power, or speed, but some people (who want a sporty vehicle) complain it is not very fun to drive.

Unfortunately, that generous base price goes up pretty rapidly if you have an interest in all those extra features.

What Sets the 2016 Model Apart?

The 2016 model was expanded with an entire new line of lower-end LX models. You can also get your automobile with a keyless standard entry (this was an extra feature on older models) which is standard now. There are also some small changes to the navigation system to make it even more appealing to drivers.

The Kia Forte Hatchback is a great choice if you want something that is comfortable to drive with tons of awesome features. Just keep in mind this is only a sporty “looking” vehicle. It does not actually offer a sporty feel when you are driving. However, it is a great choice if you are looking for a visually appealing and cost-affordable vehicle that makes a great daily driver!