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Why we Love the Redesigned 2015 Honda Fit

The 2015 Honda Fit is an excellent car for anyone that is looking for value from a reliable auto manufacturer. With a complete new redesign, equipped with more modern tech features and the integration that drivers have come to expect.

Honda has a reputation for reliability, plain and simple. When you want a car that is going to live up to your expectations today and perform just as well a decade from now, you buy a Honda. The Fit delivers on that promise while still being incredibly fun to drive. Small and zippy, the Honda Fit can get you in and out of traffic and is ideal for parking in the smallest of parking spaces. All of this at an incredibly affordable price!

2015 FitThe 2015 Fit Has Plenty of Storage Space

Honda continues to innovate and their engineers have successfully figured out how to redesign a hatchback to feel incredibly spacious. That is not easy to do but when you get into the Fit, their Magic Seats arrangement allows for more leg room and the sense of being in a much larger space.

Combine that with plenty of storage and you have a fun, zippy car that feels much larger inside than it is outside.

A Price too Low to Pass Up

You can afford to buy the 2015 Fit at only $15,560. Priced as an entry-level vehicle with an incredible 3yr warrant, the Fit delivers value beyond a savings on the initial price tag. With the high fuel efficiency of a combined 36mpg, you will also save money every time you go to the pump, or drive by it that is. By getting where you need to go without constantly stopping at the gas station, you will save a significant amount of money when considering your total cost of ownership. Given how reliable Honda is, and that you can literally drive a Honda for decades, the Fit is an excellent investment.

2015 Honda Fit Features

If you are looking for a comfortable, fast and fuel efficient hatchback, the 2015 Fit is an ideal car for you. While small and nimble, it is still loaded with the safety features that define Honda. Features like traction control, a tire monitoring system, anti-locking brakes, vehicle stability assist and six air bags, the Fit has all of the safety features you need to be confident in your ability to cruise around town safely, as you could be with less respected competitors.

Honda is never one to sacrifice quality and safety for affordability so even though this is their entry vehicle, you will still get the top safety features along with power accessories, Bluetooth, a touchscreen display, surround sound speakers, connection ports for your phone and tablet, and even a backup camera. They give you more features in the Fit than you would ever expect to see in a small hatchback but that is Honda’s way – over deliver.

Optional Features Include:

  • Larger touchscreen
  • Improved trim levels
  • Leather seats
  • Premium surround sound

The 2015 Fit Exceeds Expectations

Take whatever you think of a hatchback and throw it out the window. Whether the 2014 Honda Fit or the new redesigned 2015 model, the Fit exceeds expectations in every way and is certainly worth a test drive!