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Compact and Zippy, the 2014 Honda Fit is Fun to Drive

Driving a sub-compact car can be a lot of fun and the 2014 Honda Fit delivers on that promise. If you live, work or visit the city on a regular basis, the Fit is an ideal car for you. Squeeze into small parking spaces, move in and out of traffic with ease and have a fun time driving this zippy car around town.

Honda knows how to make cars that are enjoyable to drive without sacrificing safety or quality. That is what you will find with the Honda Fit – a fun yet dependable car, with a performance you can count on.

2014 FitFeatures We Love in the 2014 Honda Fit

The 2014 Fit is full of features that make it not only fun to drive but also incredibly comfortable. Honda has learned a lot since making hatchbacks in the 1980s. They now have a Magic Seat arrangement that is designed to create more space for passengers.

This makes it a lot more roomy, unexpectedly so for such a small car. While it is a true sub-compact, it does not feel that way inside. Additionally, there is plenty of cargo space, ideal for any family heading out to buy groceries. Other features that we love include:

  • Beverage holders for everyone in the car plus their best friends (there are ten total).
  • Navigation system with voice recognition so that you can get to your meetings on time
  • USB audio interface for all of your devices.
  • Both upper and lower glove compartments.
  • Secret storage spaces.
  • 16-inch wheels.
  • Steering wheel mounted controls.

The safety features of the 2014 Fit are fantastic. Even though most people do not think about a compact car when they consider safety, Honda has been breaking that mold for decades.

You can drive a safe compact car and with features like six airbags, traction control, tire pressure monitoring, vehicle stability assist, and anti-lock braking, you can see how Honda has developed a reputation for safety. No matter how small, the Fit has been loaded up with the safety features that we have come to expect from Honda.

The 2014 Honda Fit Delivers Clear Value

For a compact car that is affordably priced, reliable and absolutely fun to drive, the 2014 Fit comes in as a great option. Each one comes with a standard 3 years/36,000 mile warranty and is priced around $15,000. The pricing remained similar for the 2015 Honda Fit as well.

The Fit has earned a reputation for being an incredibly fun car to drive and it absolutely is. You can go from zero to 60 in only 8.5 seconds. Yes, it is a Honda and no, it is not a sports car but you wouldn’t know that from the way it drives. You can zip in and out of traffic, passing much larger and slower vehicles without a problem. When it comes to squeezing into the last parking spot in a garage, your Fit will do just fine. For drivers that want to enjoy getting behind the wheel, the 2014 Honda Fit is an excellent car to buy!