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Ford Fiesta History and Overview

When the concept of the Ford Fiesta was first introduced, the question on everyone’s mind was; “Could Ford deliver a high tech compact car that handles like a large vehicle with smoothness and ease”? With the launch of the Ford Fiesta and the new models that have been released over the past few years, the answer has become very clear; yes they could.

The Fiesta was the first vehicle from Ford to use the new Global Product Development System. GPDS is all about integrating technology and engineering into cars’ designs. This is done in order to minimize the time it takes for new models to reach customers, especially when working with other manufacturers. However, even with time as a factor, Ford still was able to create a sub-compact car in a class of its own.

New Fiesta by FordFord Fiesta Exterior Design

The first step to the Ford Fiesta’s design was to create a car that was modern and appealing to the eye. Since the Fiesta name was used in the past, Ford wanted to draw in a new group of customers, meaning elegance and sophistication were key elements to the design.

The front end, of course, has the trademark grille and badge, but to take it one step further, the shapes and materials were carefully selected. The grille, chrome, and lights give the Fiesta a very bold, modern look as if these items were accessories to the car placed there to a add a touch of a sporty look to make the outer appearance more inviting. The arching wheel lips and strong profile make the car’s very dynamic.
From the license plate, to the window, the wide stance portrayed by the rear wheels was designed so that everyone would know without a doubt that a Ford Fiesta was in front of them.

Ford Fiesta Interior Design

Once a dynamic exterior was developed, the focus was to give the interior not only a comfortable and modern feel, but also a lot of technology as well. To give a lot of visual interest, Ford’s design team wanted to make the dashboard a dramatic statement that looks modern.

The dashboard has a boldly shaped surface with dynamic lines to give it a futuristic look, much like a smartphone The instrument panel is large with red font that is displayed high enough so that the driver can see it at all times.

The buttons for the dashboard are large and wide apart for maximum functionality, and the entertainment elements allow you do anything you could ever need to do while driving. The entire dashboard is very loud, with lots of lights so that it makes a statement, but also provides convenience. Every element in the dashboard was well thought out, and many electronics and luxurious goods contributed to the overall design.

Ford Fiesta Custom Upgradeable Options

Ford wanted to also make sure that there were plenty of options so that drivers could have a car that represented their individuality. There are multiple trims to choose from, which have different standard features, and more than 20 interior combinations of colors and trims.

From very contemporary and traditional color combinations, to bold, sleek combinations, you can have the interior that most represents you. Smartly done by Ford, the additional combinations have allowed the car to be driven by all types of drivers of all ages; simply because they can have a well designed car that is not so cookie cutter on the inside.

Ford wanted to add a model to its already well established line of vehicles that truly offered its customers everything they needed and wanted. The Ford Fiesta has an exterior that is bold and memorable, and an interior that is beyond the other cars in its class.