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Ford Fiesta Reviews and Model Comparisons

Ford has finally added a stylish compact car to its collection. Although it originated in Europe, the style was brought to America and put into production years later in 2010. Providing class and a lot of attention to detail, the new Ford Fiesta offers top features at a price you can definitely afford.

Interior Features

The redesigned interior features of the Fiesta are sleek and sure to impress. Although the overall appearance of the inside of the vehicle is well planned out, it is the dashboard that is the most impressive. Created with smartphones in mind, the buttons are very futuristic looking with comfortable spacing for all adults.

Safety and ease of use were the main priorities in the overall design of the dashboard, and with the SYNC technology, you can do more than ever before with voice recognition while driving so that you can live your busy life without ever taking your hands off of the wheel. The instrument panel is well lit and displays all the information in large red letters so that it can easily be read day or night. The colors and textures for the interior coordinate very well with each other, and whether you are looking for a more classy look or a racy look, you will find it in one of the Fiesta styles.

The standard interior packages are extremely impressive, but the added packages that can be purchased can make it look even more sporty, and give it a sophisticated feel. Of course, technology and style are what almost everyone looks for in a vehicle. Although Ford made sure to deliver on both, the space inside this compact car is not only comfortable but offers more head and foot room than most other small compact cars in its class. The added space created with the 40/60 seat in the hatchback models allows for more storage space – which can oftentimes be hard to find in smaller sized vehicles.

Performance Features

Featuring a 120-hp 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine standard for all models with a five speed manual transmission, there is enough power built in for everyone, but just in case, there is an advanced 6 speed automatic transmission option for most of the models as well.

Ford FiestaMost car critics have said how comfortable and easy this car is to drive. The added features in the construction of the car allows for easy steering, great control, and a much better driving experience than offered by Ford’s competitors.

Ford Fiesta Models

The Fiesta does come with three trim: the S, SE, and the Titanium that was just recently added to the list. The prices range from about $13,000 to $18,000, and although the lower end of the price scale is much more affordable, all the upgrades on the higher priced Titanium trims will be sure to please even the most discerning of customers. Standard for all trims are features such as a tilt/telescoping steering wheel with electric power assisted steering, air conditioning, capless fuel filler system, seven airbags, and AdvanceTrac electronic stability control. If you decide to buy the SE or Titanium trim package, keyless entry, satellite radio, moonroof, and heated seats are some of your many options.

Of course, while the glamorous features are always well appreciated; it can sometimes be the smallest features that add the most convenience that consumers love the most. Jumbo sized cup holders that adjust to any cup size in the front and back seats, cup holders and storage spots on the front doors, and child safety seat anchors are some of the features that Ford realized consumers need for convenience and come standard. The Fiesta is full of all the features you must have in a reliable car, the ones that you just want, and some you never thought you could have at such a low price point.New Ford Fiesta design


As with any other compact car on the road today, the higher the MPG, the better. The Ford Fiesta offers up to 40 miles per gallon on the highway when you add the Super Economy Package. Available for the SE trims, this upgrade is worth every dollar to ensure that you save the most on your monthly gas expenses. The upgrade offers features such as improved tires and a spoiler that not only makes the car more economical, but also more stylish as well. Even without the SEP, the vehicle will still get you from point A to point B without breaking the bank.

Drivers are, for the most part, thrilled with the vast improvements on the newest models. Not only is this vehicle more economical and built for convenience, it also delivers in style and power. Ford has outdone itself; they have given consumers a compact car that will truly satisfy any driver and any driving routine. The Ford Fiesta is a compact car in a class of its own.