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Reviewing the Ford Fiesta Hatchback

The overall design of the Ford Fiesta has been well constructed, but the hatchback models allow for even more usability than the sedans do. Some of the biggest differences between the two are the extra door and 40/60 backseat design.

These two features allow for maximum storage in a compact car. When you fold the seat down, it is very easy to place oddly shaped and large items into the vehicle. The one downside of the 40/60 seat is that in order to rest it in its downward position, you have to either push the front seats up all the way, which can be frustrating for the driver especially, or you have to remove the headrests that are attached to the back seat.

However, the small inconvenience that you may endure seems relatively small in comparison to the added space you get in such a small sized car. The privacy screen that can be included gives you the option to use the back as a trunk where you cannot see what is inside or use it to transport larger items, giving you much more usability.


Fiesta Hatchback – Exterior

The exterior design gives the vehicle a more stylish and defined look from any angle. Unlike the sedan models of compact cars that look almost awkward due to the small proportional front and back ends, the hatchback still looks attractive as a compact.

The total length of the car is shorter than the sedan models, and about an inch of headroom is added to the top. This gives backseat passengers more individual space without sacrificing the usability of the car. Quite a bit of attention was focused on the exterior design so that a very defined look would come about, and although the features look great on the sedans, they just work better with the hatchback models.

Fiesta Hatchback – Interior

When driving one of these vehicles, you will notice a few very positive aspects of the craftsmanship that was designed specifically with comfort in mind. The material used in the shell of the car, and the soft touch dashboard, dramatically reduces the wind noise.

A common flaw seen in other hatchbacks is that while driving, the inside of the car is very loud. Fortunately, Ford made sure that you do not have to sacrifice quietness for size. The drive is also very smooth and controlling the vehicle is very easy. With Macpherson struts, the Ford Fiesta hatchback handles much better than cars in the the same class. Enhanced electronic features were placed into the design to ensure that driving was completely safe including EPAS and AdvanceTrac®.

Safety Ratings

Fiesta Hatchback

Not only is the interior stylish, the exterior defined, and the handling easy, but in regards to safety, there are several design choices that increase the overall safety rating of the Fiesta. Boron which is the strongest steel available for automobiles, was strategically placed in the cage for better safety. This strong cage is paired with a steel frame that is made up of high grade supports creating a car that is extremely safe. With seven airbags, including a driver’s knee airbag, and traction control systems, this vehicle provides its drivers with confidence that everyone in the vehicle is protected.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback – Final Verdict

The Ford Fiesta hatchback is the perfect blend of style and usability. Although Ford placed a lot of emphasis on the sedan models of the Fiesta, it is truly the hatchback models that shine. With a flowing, dynamic exterior, safety features, and an interior that is incredible, the Fiesta hatchback is a fantastic compact car.