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The Brand New 2013 Ford Fiesta

The 2013 Ford Fiesta is one of the newer entrants into the sub-compact car segment, but nevertheless, it has become one of the nicest very rapidly.

While sub-compact cars are not usually known for their roominess, the Ford Fiesta seems to offer more than your average model both in terms of value and in comfort.

2013 Ford Fiesta Review

Comfort seems to be the strong point of this sub-compact, especially since it is larger in the passenger area, and still has almost 13 cubic feet of space for cargo. Along with the space inside, you also get treated to the SYNC entertainment system, which is hands-free, heated seats, and a power moonroof if you want those options.

The 2013 Titanium model comes with many extra features, and also comes with leather seats standard. This makes for a very comfortable interior without really having to pay a whole lot extra. The extra space throughout all the trims is really what sets the Fiesta apart from other sub-compacts, especially when you start to compare extras and price along with it. The Fiesta is just one of the most comfortable cars out there when it comes to other small cars.

Fiesta by Ford

Ford Fiesta Engine Specs

Since the 2013 Ford Fiesta is a relatively small vehicle, it doesn’t really need a large engine to get it going. The 1.6 liter I-4 is adequate for what the car was designed for. While the Fiesta maxes out at 120 horsepower, you wouldn’t know it while you were driving it. The acceleration leaves a little to be wanted, going from 0-60 in eight and a half seconds, but for a smaller car, that is about average.

The Fiesta comes standard with a 5 speed transmission with overdrive, this is fine if you know how to drive a stick shift, however, many people don’t. The 6 speed automatic transmission is an option that many people take full advantage of. It cuts down on the fuel economy a little bit, but it also is useful since you won’t be grinding any gears trying to get the hang of a manual transmission.

Fuel Economy

As with most sub-compact cars, fuel economy is a big selling point. The 2013 Ford Fiesta gets around 29 MPG in the city and 39 MPG on the highway. This is a bit surprising, given the slightly boxy look of the Fiesta, but it just goes to show you that you can’t judge a book by its cover. There is a Super Fuel Economy package available for people who want to get the maximum out of every drop of fuel, but it is only offered on certain trims.

The MPG you get with this car is pretty close to the same as the 2012 Fiesta. St a certain point, it becomes hard to make a vehicle more fuel efficient without sacrificing in other areas such as performance and safety.

Ford Fiesta Pricing

2013 Fiesta

The Fiesta is priced just right at around $13,000 depending on the trim package you get. The standard version starts at that amount while some of the nicer trim packages will run up near $17,000.

The difference in the trim pricing does make you stop and think if a few extras are worth the price, but generally, Ford is pretty accurate with their pricing and what most consumers think the amenities are worth, so you can rest assured you are making a good choice no matter which one you pick. The 36 months/36,000 mile warranty Ford offers with every new car should give you peace of mind knowing that you are going to be covered if something goes wrong through no fault of your own.

The Ford Fiesta has become a hot new car for a reason, its addition into the small car market has already started to shake things up, with many of its competitors being forced to make their sub-compacts more roomy as well or risk being forced out of the market by the Fiesta. Take one for a test drive today and see if you can imagine yourself taking one home.