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Nissan Cube: The Most Polarized Car on the Globe

The concern with a car’s efficiency in recent times is not just mileage or number of miles traveled without repair. It is more about energy savings and fuel efficiency as an overall figure of merit. The Nissan Cube is a car that offers great value in these regards, especially for the money.

It is supported by a very unique design which most people either love or hate, and an aerodynamic shape that sits well with car geeks. It is touted as one that has all the desirable features of a modern day car, including high mileage, lots of interior space and excellent driving comfort.

Initial Popularity Ratings of the ‘Cube Car’

There are many customer reviews giving the salient features of this car and describing why the automobile was such a big hit in many different countries. In fact when first released, the Nissan Cube was not only a big hit in the United States, but in Europe as well. There are also many improvements that have been done over to the Cube over the past few years. These tweaked improvements include: interior design, seating, and performance.

As with all vehicles, it does have some negative attributes as well. To start, the body gets scratched quite easily compared to other makes and models which many people have frowned upon. The sound proofing of the car is not very efficient and the loudness of traffic is easily conveyed in the interior. Additionally, the leg room is quite small even after certain changes have been made to the interior design.

The 2014 Nissan Cube

Driving Experience

Most people enjoy the fact that driving, parking and operating the various controls in this vehicle is a breeze. It has received accolades for the fuel efficiency and the energy savings that it offers and even on rough terrains, the superior quality suspension gives drivers a smooth ride.

Turning through stiff bends and curves is simple because of the cleverly engineered turning radius and ease of steering. Additionally, parallel parking is a cakewalk even for the not-so-experienced driver as the car can neatly be fit into small parking spaces.

The Nissan Cube makes very little noise while turning the car on as well as when accelerating, and has a smooth sail even when the roads are harsh. The Cube offers an overall very enjoyable ride, as long as one appreciates the ‘box’ looking design.