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The Unique Styling of the 2014 Nissan Cube

For a vehicle that truly stands out as the only of its kind – drive the 2014 Nissan Cube. It received incredibly high marks for its stylish design and interior; however, 2014 is the last year that Nissan manufactured this paticular model.

Given its fun, yet quirky design, this vehicle offers buyers an excellent way to set themselves apart by driving something that is both modern and stylish, without being high priced. In fact, it is incredibly economical, selling for roughly $20,000 brand new. By getting 27/31mpg and receiving a 3year/36,000 mile warranty, the cost to own is relatively low, making it an excellent value overall.

2014 Cube2014 Nissan Cube Reviews

Edmunds gave the Cube a five out of five stars due to the incredible amount of space offered in such a small vehicle. It also received high praise for how easy it is to maneuver, customization options, and its overall unique styling. Speaking of style, you will be impressed by how brilliantly designed the interior is – if you like out-of-the-box design. The dash has a ripple pattern and a 20-color mood lighting to add additional intrigue.

Fun Features in the 2014 Cube

One of the best things about the Cube car is that it comes with many of the high-tech and modern features you want, in the standard base model. Where other brands may promise these features, you are going to pay for them, increasing the MSRP. Some of the best features include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Air conditioning to keep you and your passengers comfortable
  • Cruise control for easy driving
  • Rear heating ducts
  • Rear privacy glass
  • Fog lights that enhance the exterior appearance
  • Touchscreen navigation system so you can get easy directions
  • Rearview camera to help you back up
  • Interesting accents lighting
  • Backseat that folds down completely or you can use the 60/40 split to get more storage space and still drive several people around town.

The backseat is incredibly cool and arguably one of the best features of the 2014 Cube. It slides forward and backwards so that you can have more legroom if you need it for taller passengers, or more cargo room if you are hauling something sizeable. The best feature, however, is that the backseat reclines. That makes it feel more like your Lazy Boy at home than the backseat of your car. Passengers love this feature, especially kids. In fact, it may become their next favorite place to nap.

The 2014 Nissan Cube is a Small Car for Tall People

The amount of headroom you get in the Cube makes it ideal for taller people that would otherwise be unable to fit into a compact car. Both the front seats and backseat have plenty of space, so whether you are looking for headroom, legroom or both – you get it.

Safety Reviews and Features

There are several reasons to purchase a Nissan and safety is one of them. The Cube has positive safety features that will make it easier and safer for your family to get around town. From numerous airbags to a rearview camera, the Cube gives you more features than you might expect from a small car. It comes standard with antilock brakes like most cars in this category.

Drivers also benefit from active front head restraints, and stability and traction control. During testing, this hatchback could stop at 124 feet, going 60mph. This is average too good for its class. It also received the benefit of a “good” safety rating after being tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Overall, both the 2013 Nissan Cube and the 2014 model are excellent, dependable buys for any urban driver.