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The 2013 Nissan Cube Offers a Completely Unique Crossover Experience

If you are in search of a crossover that stands out from the rest of the crowd, take an in-depth look at the 2013 Nissan Cube. The Cube is an incredibly interesting vehicle because it not only works for families, but also for small businesses. It has an incredible amount of cargo space, making it an ideal alternative for small businesses in need of a small delivery or cargo van, and has also been used as a popular vehicle for car wrap advertising due to its unique design.

More boxy and futuristic than the standard van, it appeals to those in search of functionality and style at the same time. Since it is still small in overall size, you don’t have to look for a large parking spot making it ideal for local travel in urban areas.

2013 CubeWhat You Should Know About the 2013 Cube

This year’s model offers 122 horsepower and 127 pounds of torque. It comes in either Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission® or a six-speed automatic. Thought of as a larger than normal sedan, it still receives high marks for being fuel efficient. Coming in at 25/31mpg, the cube gets better gas mileage than a van, while still being highly functional as an in-town delivery vehicle. It even comes with practical cargo organizers so that you can keep all of your gear sorted and in place while you travel. With a backseat that feels like a sofa, all of your passengers will be comfortable and relaxed, regardless of how far you have to go. Additionally, the 2013 Cube is a low-priced vehicle, especially after offering so much interior space.

The Backseat is Unlike Anything Else

When you look at a Cube, the first thing that stands out is its appearance. Quirky, boxy, unique and stylish, it is incredibly different appealing to those who like to stand out. Inside, what makes it incredibly fun and unique is the backseat which has been viewed similar to a family room couch. You can also slide it back and forth and best of all – it reclines. This is car relaxing at its best – drive-in movie anyone?

Features of the 2013 Cube

  • Navigation system so you can easily get where you need to go.
  • Push button start.
  • Rear-view monitor.
  • Climate control that is automatic to keep you and your passengers comfortable.
  • Connectivity with your IPod® or satellite radio so that you can have your playlist and favorite tunes at the touch of a button.
  • 16” wheels
  • Intelligent key system that makes it easy to get in and get going.
  • Bluetooth
  • Premium sound system for your listening pleasure.
  • XM NavTraffic capability
  • Fog lamps improve the front design

Safety Features

The 2013 Nissan Cube has dual-stage airbags in the front along with seat-mounted and side-impact airbags. It comes with brake assist to help prevent a crash and vehicle dynamic control. The Cube also comes with traction control to better help you grip the road and a tire pressure monitoring system.

Comparing the 2013 Nissan Cube

When comparing this year’s model to the 2012 Cube or other compact cars, there is no direct comparison. The same is true for a small van or a crossover. It is almost like a lot of vehicles and yet, it has features like mood lighting that make it like nothing you have ever driven. Due to its’ unique and boxy style, the Cube stands in a league of its own, offering buyers the unique ability of driving something compact that offers an incredible amount of interior space. The Car Connection gave it further high marks for being a quiet and smooth ride, an excellent value, and providing a stylish appearance. A style that was rated a 9 of 10 for design – likely its best quality.