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2012 Design Changes on the Nissan Cube

There have been many cars rolled out from Nissan in the past three years, and the recent Nissan Cube is supposed to be one that gives beyond par performance and efficiency for an affordable price.

2012 Nissan Cube Review

The 2012 Cube has retained its 1.8 liter engine using petrol but many other features are a huge upgrade from the 2011 Nissan Cube. The performance metrics and design have been tweaked according to customer feedback on last year’s model. The whole idea of tweaking the previous models and making a new one with all the additional R & D was to make sure that the driver gets the feeling of driving in a superior car.

There is a definite contrast between the Cube of the previous editions compared to the 2012 version. Everything from the seating tilt and upholstery to the interior and exterior design have been revamped as necessary to bring forth a new look.

Cube Car

The real litmus test of this hatchback is that the scrutiny of car connoisseurs and critics cannot be escaped. And it is seen that the Cube delivers on all fronts.

  • Superb design
  • Availability of stock and attractive pricing
  • Great interiors and ample leg space

A few complaints include some issues observed by people who need a greater amount of leg room in the back seats. People who prefer a diesel engine would not find a solution with this model as well. Additionally, you will hear a high amount of noise when driven at high speeds.

Final Verdict

All in all Nissan did a decent job fixing a few minor things to make the 2012 Nissan Cube slightly more attractive from previous models. The ‘box’ design is still unique in it’s own right while the interior looks extremely futuristic.