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2015 Honda Civic Hybrid: Redefining Green

Priced around $22,400 the new 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid is an affordable way to drive a fuel efficient compact car. Many drivers prefer it to the competition because in the end, you are still driving a Civic with similar lines and styling.

Those that want to switch to a green car but do not want to give up the features and comforts they are used to, will appreciate the options that this car provides. Honda has earned it’s reputation for dependability safety and excellence – all things that they continue to deliver in this year’s model.

2015 Civic HybridWhy Drivers Love the 2015 Civic Hybrid

#1 Fuel Efficiency – Let’s face it, if you want a hybrid it is because you are concerned about the environment or the impact of gas guzzling cars on your bank account.

Honda is cognizant of both and has earned a reputation for being fuel efficient, regardless of the model. It is no surprise that this model has fantastic ratings in fuel efficiency. EPA sets the mpg at 49 in the city and 51 on the highway.

#2 It’s Quieter – While you can still hear the whirling noises, the new hybrid is quieter than its predecessor, addressing a previous concern of some drivers. In fact, it is 4dBA quieter while driving at 70 on the highway.

#3 Faster than Older Models – One of the challenges drivers tend to have with a hybrid is that it is not fast enough. If you like to meander steadily down the highway, a hybrid delivers. However, for drivers wanting quick agility, hybrids have continuously lagged behind. This new model tells a different story. The powertrain system on the Civic is more simple than some of the competition and this helps it to be faster or quicker in a pinch.

The 2015 Civic Hybrid is More than Your Average Hybrid

With high-tech features and a convenient 7-inch display screen, you can navigate, connect your phone, talk on Bluetooth, get directions, use the HondaLink system and more with a few touches of a button. Things like a convenient back-up camera further add to the functionality and safety of the Civic. Coming with a push-button start and controls mounted on the steering wheel, driving the Civic hybrid is convenient as well.

For those that love high-tech features, your new ride can come equipped with USB audio interface for your phone and tablet. It even has Pandora compatibility to stream your favorite tunes. Where some green cars are only about fuel efficiency, Honda is delivering on other promises to create vehicles that are fun to drive.If you are debating whether or not you want to enter the realm of hybrids, give the Civic a test drive. You will be surprised at how well it handles and how similar it feels to a traditional Civic. While certainly different, this is a step towards driving a completely electric car that will be an easy transition.