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The 2016 Honda Civic Will Wow You

If you have been waiting for Honda to do something dramatic, welcome the all-new 2016 Honda Civic. When it comes to fantastic redesigns, this is the year to watch. It no longer looks like a standard compact car.

With sleek lines and more than a touch of class, the Civic has been elevated to the design standards you expect from a luxury model but without the price tag. This year’s model is hot and by starting at only $19,475, the Civic is affordable while also being rich in performance and features.

Changes to the 2016 Civic

The body of the Civic has been significantly improved with a lower and longer roofline that seamlessly flows into the trunk. Simultaneously, the Civic is both longer and wider now, making it roomier and allowing for a successful redesign. This extra space has been put to good use with 2 inches of extra legroom in the backseat.

2016 CivicIf you want to feel as though you are driving a luxury car but still pay Honda prices, the 2016 Civic is the car for you. As soon as you open the door to step inside, you will be delighted by the high-end finish work that completely elevates this years’ model.

Fans of the 2014 Honda Civic will appreciate that even the touchscreen has a better menu and improved display. While it worked before, now it is seamless and more user-friendly. It even has integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it easier than ever to listen to your favorite tunes while cruising down the highway. The redesign of the dash in general, along with the touchscreen, has made for better integration and a cleaner appearance.

Performance Upgrades to the 2016 Honda Civic

The CVT automatic is the mainstay of this year’s model and Honda makes a good one. It has more horsepower and gets better gas mileage than the outdated, standard 5 or 6-speed automatic transmission. However, Honda has also released a VTEC engine with this year’s model. With 174 horsepower, the Civic is faster and quicker when you want it to be.

Enhanced Safety Features

You can find higher strength steel in 25 percent of the Civic’s body this year. If you are looking for a reason to trade in your older model, this could be it. Beyond the improvements made to appearance, performance, and convenience, better steel can directly impact how safe you and your family will be if you get into an accident. The front and rear roll-bars are also bigger, further increasing safety. If you are really focused on safety, you may want to consider the Touring model since it comes equipped with additional features like emergency braking and road-departure mitigation.

The 2016 Honda Civic was Dramatically Improved

When comparing models, both Civic lovers and haters will fall in love with the 2016 model. In every category from aesthetics to functionality, safety to tech-integration, leg room to comfort, the 2016 model rises to meet the most demanding of expectations.