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Why People Rave About the 2014 Honda Civic

The 2014 Honda Civic earns high marks for performance, room and comfort. Convenience, affordability, safety, dependability – all words that can be used to describe both Honda and the Civic. With seating for five, 28 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway, the Civic is an excellent choice for many families or those looking to buy their first compact car. Going zero to 60 in 8.1 seconds, the Civic is quick enough for aggressive young drivers, while safe enough to be mom-approved. 

Reviews of the 2014 Civic

Car and Driver magazine reviewed the Civic, giving it high marks for having a good grip, quiet cabin, capable binders, and a roomy back seat. If you are purchasing a compact car and worried about passenger space, the size of the Civic’s backseat is certainly worth giving the car a second look.

2014 Civic2014 Honda Civic Upgrades

This model’s major redesign was in the 2013 Honda Civic. However, several distinct changes have made this year’s version even better. For one, if you use an iPhone and want to use Siri on the go – you can. Built-in Bluetooth and a highly capable touchscreen with excellent audio, make the tech features of the Civic incredibly convenient. From a performance perspective, the 2014 Civic has more horsepower and the 5-speed automatic transmission has been replaced with a CVT for better fuel efficiency.

Added Features

Honda has continued to improve their line of vehicles, providing buyers with greater options in comfort, convenience and safety. This recent redesign of the Civic comes with –

  • Improved handling with a redesigned suspension
  • Horsepower and torque are increased
  • New trim and fabric options
  • Infotainment screen with the Honda Link system
  • Standard cruise control
  • Power windows and locks
  • And so much more!

Improved Safety Features

Honda has always focused on safety and has earned a reputation for keeping drivers safe. Still, they continue to improve and are using technology to do so. Their new Honda Link Systems are an excellent example of how technology can take a proactive approach to driver and passenger safety. This new system monitors your blind spot with lane watch technology. All drivers have experienced incidences where accidents were nearly avoided due to catching a car coming out of the blind spot right in the nick of time. This technology watches the blind spot for you, further decreasing your risk of being in an accident. Simultaneously, if you do crash, it will make an emergency call if the airbags deploy.

The 2014 Civic is an Excellent Option for any Driver

When looking to buy a new car, consider the Civic. Honda has continued to manufacture cars that deliver in the performance, safety, and convenience categories. With recent improvements to tech features as well, you can get all the integration that you need while in the car. This means that hopping on a conference call, getting direction, or texting your best friend (without using your hands) is all possible and easy. The 2014 Civic is certainly worth a test drive.