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What You Should Know About the Honda Accord Hybrid

For a hybrid sedan that has high safety ratings, can fit your kids comfortably, take your friends on a long-awaited road trip, and do it all easily – meet the new Honda Accord. Honda has a reputation for manufacturing cars that stand the test of time and deliver clear value. Starting at only $29,305, the hybrid is reasonably priced, making it an incredibly popular choice among all demographics.

Accord HybridThe Honda Accord Hybrid Gives You a Choice

Fuel efficiency is important for saving money at the pump and keeping more cash in your pocket. Simultaneously, as more people become concerned about the environment, hybrids have become increasingly popular. The challenge that many people have is finding a hybrid that drives as well as the traditional model. When it comes to handling, aesthetics, and comfort, the hybrid Accord does not disappoint. You get many of the same options as the new 2016 model while still going green and getting a hybrid.

You no longer have to sacrifice energy efficiency for beauty. With the hybrid Honda Accord, you get the same sleek lines and modern finishes without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Unlike other brands, this hybrid gives you the option of driving a car that looks amazing while being green.

Standard Features of the Honda Accord Hybrid

The new Accord is both fuel efficient and rich with high-tech features, including:

  • Push button start
  • Back up camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Wheel-mounted controls on the steering wheel
  • Lane departure warning
  • USB for audio
  • Forward collision warning
  • Satellite linked navigation
  • Touch screen for audio

There are also features strictly designed to improving fuel efficiency for the benefit of the environment.These include:

  1. Eco Assisttm – This feature is unique in that when you push it, the engine will configure itself to operate more efficiently. Essentially, you decide when to conserve even more energy than you already are.
  2. Coaching tools – There are new bars on the dash that show you how well you are driving for the sake of conserving energy. If you keep the bars green, you are doing a good job and will be able to drive longer with one tank of gas. This is a visual tool and coach that can help you to retrain your driving habits.
  3. Earth Dreams engine – This is proprietary technology for Honda and it is why the mpg is so high while still delivering performance.

Optional Accessories

You can customize your hybrid Accord with accessories like an improved remote engine start system, body side molding, all season floor mats, back-up sensors, several types of spoilers, high-end trim, a moonroof visor and more.

The Honda Accord Hybrid is Sleek and Efficient

At 50mpg city and 45mpg highway, the Accord offers real fuel efficiency without a dip in performance or value. This is an excellent vehicle for anyone that wants to join the hybrid revolution.