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The New Features of the 2016 Honda Accord

Dynamic redesign, high-end features, sophistication – all of these can be used to describe the 2016 Honda Accord. The 2015/2016 models present Honda in a whole new light. While the impressive safety ratings, value and fuel efficiency are still there – now the design of the Accord matches its many other benefits.

If you have a 2015 Honda Accord or a new 2016 model, you are benefiting from a sedan that looks like a high-end luxury car, without the price tag. Starting at only $22,205 for the LX model and going up to $25,580 base for the EX, Honda is providing the opportunity for drivers to own a sedan or coupe that has high fuel efficiency, excellent safety ratings, and an incredible design – all at an affordable price.

The Award Winning 2016 Honda Accord

Car and Driver magazine has named the Accord one of the 10 best cars for 2016. This is the 30th time the Accord has won this particular award, proving its long-standing quality and reputation for excellence. The new Accord features performance solutions, using the latest in technology to improve the overall driving experience.

2016 AccordFeaturing a drive-by-wire throttle system, an Eco-Assist system, and hill start assist, the Accord delivers both speed and agility when you need it to. You can also choose between a 6-speed manual transmission, continuously variable transmission with sport mode and the optional paddle shifters, or the standard 6-speed automatic transmission with an optional sport mode. These options give you the ability to further customize the performance of your new Accord.

The 2016 Accord has a Comfortable Interior with Plenty of Space

If you are tall, your best option is to purchase the LX or LX Sport with its 39.1 inches of headroom. However, the EX and Touring models still have a lot of space with 37.6 inches of headroom. As for passengers, the Accord can comfortably seat five. With a sizeable trunk and comfortable back seat, you can grab your family or friends, go shopping, or on an outing and have room for everyone and everything that you need.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda continues to manufacture quality vehicles with high mpg ratings. If you are concerned about how far a tank of gas will take you, the Accord is an excellent sedan for you. You can get up to 27 mpg in the city and up to 31 mpg on the highway. With each tank of gas taking you further, you can afford to invest in a newer model car.

Popular Safety Features of the 2016 Accord

When it comes to safety, Honda has a reputation for dependability. If you are looking for a safe family sedan, here are some of the popular features you will find in an Accord –

  • Stability assist and traction control
  • Brake assist and ABS
  • Review camera that can guide you while backing up
  • Forward collision warning to help you avoid an accident
  • Lane departure warning
  • Collision mitigating braking system

The latest Accord delivers clear value for your dollar, high-performance, and a new sense of luxury. Drivers have been delighted by this recent round of upgrades!