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Comparing the 2015 Honda Accord

You cannot beat the value of a 2015 Honda Accord. As an established auto manufacturer, Honda does not disappoint with this latest sedan. Not only has the Accord continued to receive high acclaim for safety and functionality, it has also been recently redesigned for a sleeker and sexier body style.

Those that love Honda but have grown tired of simplistic lines and too-basic design standards, will celebrate seeing how fantastic their new sedan looks. Pretty similar to the 2014 Honda Accord but with some added features, this model is definitely here to stay.

2015 AccordThe 2015 Honda Accord is Better than Ever

It comes down to design, features, and functionality. In many ways, Honda has taken the lead and is once more designing a sedan that every American should have in their driveway.

They are calling this the Accord like you have never seen before, and they would be correct. Honda’s designers really outdid themselves with the redesign and here is why –

#1 Fuel Efficiency – Being environmentally friendly may be a newer trend but Honda has been manufacturing cars with excellent gas mileage for more than a decade. They continue to be a trendsetter and the 2015 Accord is leading the pace among other sedans. With 37 mgp on the highway and 27 mpg with city driving, you can stay on the open road for much longer and without constantly looking for a gas station. Freedom has arrived!

#2 Sleek Design – When you look at the back of this model, you may think that you are looking at a European made luxury vehicle. It is time to think differently about Asian imports and Honda is making it impossible not to. Even the interior has a sleeker, more modern and luxuries feel with features like woodgrain trim.

#3 High Tech – Honda continues to incorporate more high-tech features in their vehicles. The Accord has a push-button start, a built-in navigation system, Bluetooth, and computerized technology that can help you to drive more safely.

#4 Options for Customization – Known for efficiency and affordability, Honda has not gotten high marks for customization. That, however, has changed. You can customize the trim, tires, spoilers, and so much more. As a result, your sedan can look entirely unique.

The 2015 Honda Accord is Reasonably Priced

You can buy a brand new sedan for as little as $22,205. All you need to do is visit your Honda dealer. The Accord is incredibly well priced and that is one of the reasons it is a favorite among drivers throughout the country. With how affordable it is, you can skip the used car lot and head straight for the latest model. If you don’t want to buy, they also run leasing specials on a regular basis that can be as low as $199 per month.

In addition to having a fresh, bold appearance and better gas mileage, the 2015 Accord simply performs. The V-6 has 278 horsepower and delivers quick movements, exactly when you need it!