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Beyond Reliable, the 2012 Honda Accord is Fun to Drive

The 2012 Honda Accord delivers high quality performance, clear and undisputable value, comfort, responsiveness, plenty of space and everything that you could need from a mid-size sedan or coupe. Honda knows what they are doing and has been building reliable cars for decades.

Recently, however, they have been also focused on the design elements that make cars stand out. The new model is certainly an improvement over their older models. In fact, anyone that is looking for a sleeker and sexier car can find it in the Accord coupe.

2012 AccordComparing the 2012 Accord with the Competition

The Honda Accord is a mid-size sedan that competes with both American and Asian car companies manufacturing affordable family vehicles. Interior space, overall size, gas mileage and even price point tend to be relatively similar but two things make the Accord stand out. One – it is back by Honda.

There are few car manufacturers that can claim that their vehicles will stay on the road twenty to thirty years after their purchase. Honda is one of them. You can see Hondas from the early 90s everywhere you look. This makes it possible to buy an Accord when your child is born and give it to them as a high school graduation present. It should still be running without a problem. The second thing making it stand out is its’ overall design. When you drive one, you do not feel like you are in a boring, function-only vehicle. They have always been, and still are, fun to drive.

Quick Facts About the 2012 Honda Accord

  • This incredibly popular mid-size sedan has a weight of up to 3,593 pounds.
  • The horsepower on the upgraded models is significantly more than many of the Accords’ competitors, coming in at 271 hp.
  • The gas mileage is above average for this size of sedan. You can expect 34 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg in the city.
  • One of the changes in this years’ model over the 2011 Honda Accord is that it now has USB connectivity. If you want to play tunes off of your smartphone or tablet, this single feature can make a big difference in your driving experience.

Interior Finishes and Features in the 2012 Accord

Honda is not known for luxury finishes and the Accord doesn’t have it. What the 2012 Honda Accord does have is quality finishes. The fabric used for the seats, the materials on the dash and door, etc. are all incredibly high quality and built for durability. Keep in mind that Honda is more concerned with you being able to use your Accord for decades then they are about you being surrounding by high-end or plush materials. Still, Honda has incorporated more high-end and modern features, such as –

  • Large LCD display
  • A variety of interior finish options
  • Audio controls on the steering wheel
  • Paddle shifters
  • Air conditioning for those hot summer days
  • Cruise control that makes long road trips easier
  • 6-disc CD player
  • Sleek design lines
  • USB connectivity
  • Responsive handling
  • Noise cancellation
  • Quality interior fabrics and finishes
  • Power moonroofs are optional
  • Heated mirrors are optional
  • Bluetooth is optional

The 2012 Accord Coupe Really Performs

The coupe is going to provide you with better handling, quicker response times and a sports-minded driving experience. It stands on its own, apart from the Accord sedan and will surprise you with how fun it is to drive. This is partially due to an aggressive suspension and with the addition of a V-6 engine you can take the performance to the next level. For daily commuters who want to be able to pass slow-moving cars, the Accord coupe will rise to the challenge every time. You can also purchase it with a manual transmission in order to maintain more control over the performance, even if you buy one with a higher trim level or go with a V-6.

Get the Honda Warranty

2012 Honda AccordWhen you purchase a 2012 Honda Accord, you are buying a dependable sedan that is likely to go forever. Think of how many times you have seen old civics pulling out of a high school parking lot. Twenty years later, a Honda will still be providing reliable transportation.

Still, their warranty program does provide solid peace of mind. When you purchase one, it does comes with a 3 year, 36,000 mile basic warranty along with a 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty on the powertrain. Good chance that you will never need it because of how well Honda’s are made.

What Reviewers Had to Say About the 2012 Accord

Kelly Blue Book gave the Accord an 8 out of 10 stars and gave it excellent reviews for being a sporty sedan. According to KBB, the coupe is one of the few mid-size sedans that offers sports-like handling and design. With that in mind, if you are looking for a more aggressive driving experience that goes beyond function and into the realm of being pleasurable, this model is an excellent car to drive.

If you buy an Accord, you get the benefit a smooth and reliable vehicle today that will also hold its resell value in the future. If you want to drive it for ten years and then buy a new one, your vehicle will still be worth selling and garner a higher price than other brands. You can credit this with the quality of Honda’s line. Additionally, since the Accord is sportier, more stylish, and even more plush than many competitors, it is a clear winner in the used-car arena.

The Many Advantages of Driving a 2012 Accord

This is one of the best-selling family cars of all time and will not disappoint when it comes to value or reliability. Additionally, since you can select the type of transmission you want, even in the V-6, gives you the ability to control your driving experience. It also comes with a new sleek hybrid model which has pleased many trying to ‘go green’. With stylish lines, a comfortable and special interior, and an affordable price point, the Accord sets the standard that many mid-size sedans try to live up to.