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The Fiat 500 Abarth Model

Since Fiat has decided to reenter the US market after a 27 year hiatus, the company has failed to meet sales expectations. Because of this, Fiat has unveiled a new model to add to their selection in hopes of bringing in new customers and generating more hype. This model is widely known as the Fiat 500 Abarth.

Fiat 500 Abarth Review

Fiat first announced the launching of the new Abarth at the LA auto show back in 2011 and was set to go on sale in March of 2012. Although this will be the first time the Abarth 500 will be on sale to the US market, it has already been generating a huge buzz in Europe since 2008. This model is a turbocharged version of the basic 500 adding both power and speed to a tune of 160hp. Other Fiat 500 Abarthsmajor changes include the car sitting 0.6 inches closer to the ground, better brakes being equipped and the steering is also much faster.

As far as appearance goes, the Abarth 500 takes on some new looks making the car look more aggressive, more sporty, and much more powerful. There is dual exhaust pipes, roof mounted spoilers, aggressive scorpion decals and logos, and a bigger intake opening on the front fascia that is accompanied by a chin spoiler. There are two very popular cloth settings that come in an attractable red/black combo or all black instead. This model is definitely a big change from the lounge model and from what people have seen from Fiat in the past.

Some other features not mentioned above that come on the Fiat 500 Abarth include:

  • 1.4L 16V MultiAir Turbo Engine
  • 160HP and 170lb-ft of Torque
  • Dual Exhaust System
  • Twin Intercoolers
  • Performance Tuned Suspension
  • Performance Brake System
  • 3-Mode Electronic Stability Control
  • Turbo Boost Gauge
  • Bi-Halogen Headlights Fiat Abarth

Abarth Customer Feedback

“I went back and forth about choosing the Abarth 500 and the Fiat 500 Sport model for weeks before purchasing. After going with the Abarth and having this car for 9 months now I can definitely say I made the right purchase. Forget about all the features and options that come in this model, the look of the car is worth the price by itself. This car actually looks like an aggressive sports car and I love the way it drives. The additional 60hp, dual exhaust, added torque, and supercharged engine are all just bonuses. The aggressive look of the Abarth is what I love.”

“One of the funnest cars I’ve ever driven. On the highway, in the city, on mountain roads, on any terrain… you will love driving this car. I would have never imagined purchasing a Fiat 500 before but when they released the Abarth version, I had to take a look. This car looks totally different than the normal mini hatchback that previous models looked like. Well worth the money. A++”