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The New and Improved 2014 Fiat Abarth

If you are tired of seeing your car everywhere you go and hate the idea of pulling into your driveway, only to see another one parked across the street – the 2014 Abarth is the car for you.

Italian design, sophisticated styling, sleek, sexy, and incredibly appealing, Fiat stands out from the crowd in a way that is anything but subtle. Unlike more clunky or imposing vehicles, the Fiat stands out in a way that screams fun. In no way goofy, in no way understated, the Fiat truly is in a class of its’ own, rivaled only by the Mini. Still, if the Britt’s aren’t your idea of sleek and sexy, the Italians certainly may be and the new 2014 Fiat Abarth will not disappoint.

2014 Fiat Abarth

The handling of the Abarth is truly better than the standard Fiat 500. It has improved shocks, it rides lower, the brakes have been upgraded and even the tires are wider.

Combine that with an increase in horsepower and you have a Fiat that is going to not only look amazing but be incredibly fun to drive. Beyond zippy, beyond quick, this is truly a performance solution for anyone that wants to drive a stand-out subcompact but is longing for the thrill of a sportier drive. You can hop in your Abarth, hit the open road and really push it, enjoying every second and every corner along the way.

Here are 5 Reasons We Love the 2014 Abarth

  • It’s fast.

With 160 horsepower, you can really take off. Unlike the standard 500 that works its way up to speed, the Abarth is quick, zippy, and incredibly fast for a subcompact. The ability to take off and go, makes it easy to merge in rush hour traffic and keep up with more aggressive and weightier cars. In fact, if you have looked at the small size of the Fiat and skipped a test drive due to fearing a lack of speed, now is the time to head to a dealership. Taking the Abarth out is sure to surprise you.

  • The design is unique.

You cannot beat the sleek and sexy design of a Fiat. With things like all black tires, sexy scorpion stickers, the Fiat logo and a red engine block, the inside and outside of a Fiat is designed to impress you. They thought of every little detail when designing this car, things that you would never consider that just happen to make all of the difference from a design perspective. When driving one, these elements take you from being in a standard subcompact to driving something that is incredibly sexy and cool. If design is your top priority, it is difficult to match or beat a Fiat.

  • The 2014 Abarth is comfortable.

You can get your Abarth in premium cloth or leather but both are incredibly comfortable. Features like a leather wrapped steering wheel and memory seats make it easy and comfortable to ride around in, even if you are going for a much longer trip.

  • You can buy the 1957 edition.

This year, Fiat released a 1957 edition that can make you feel like you have been transported back to the days of sock hops, drive-in movies, and classic black and white films. Driving the 1957 Fiat is like stepping into an Audrey Hepburn film complete with the large sunglasses and scarves while cruising along the Italian coast. Fun doesn’t quite cover it.

  • It’s the perfect urban ride.

If you live in the city, a Fiat is an incredible way to solve common problems like “where on earth do I park?” If you have ever needed to circle for an hour to find street parking or had to park thirty minutes away, then you understand the value of driving a car that is only 12 feet long. Rather than passing small space after small space, you can fit virtually anywhere and this single ability will save you an incredible amount of time. It may even save you money by preventing the need to always find a parking garage. If you don’t live in the city, but commute on a daily basis, you will also appreciate the high gas mileage and consistent savings that comes from it. With 28/34 mpg, you will need to visit the gas station les frequently.

2014 Abarth2014 Abarth Reviews are Better than Last Years’

Edmunds gave the 2014 Fiat Abarth a five of five stars, a substantial increase over last year’s model. Kelly Blue Book gave it a seven out of ten stars and while not 100 percent, they said that it felt like driving a fun go-kart while having firm breaks and smooth controls.

Auto Trader proclaimed it was a blast to drive thanks to a turbo-charged engine smooth 5-speed manual transmission. They also commented on the incredible and unmistakable noise the exhaust makes as a fun and stand-out feature.

Pricing You Can Afford

The Abarth is reasonably priced, coming in around $22,000. If you want the convertible option (highly recommended) you can buy one new for $27,000. Saving more money is possible by purchasing a new one and with a four year, 50,000 mile warranty it is possible to do so while having confidence that you will not need to pay for any repairs for a while.

New Features for the 2014 Abarth

This years’ model saw some changes over the 2013 Abarth. These include a seat-memory feature for added convenience and 16-inch multi-spoke wheels in black for an edgy yet sophisticated look. This is rock star cool at its’ best. They also added two new colors this year – Nero Puro and Granito Lucente. Live largely by driving the Fiat Abarth. Fun, exciting, sexy and sleek, the Abarth will make you remember the journey.