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The Fiat 500 Sport Model

The Fiat 500 Sport has been one of the more popular models of the bunch boasting several upgradeable features that make the car feel more “sporty” if you will. The MSRP starts at $17,500 which is $2,000 higher than the base model but many people agree it is well worth the added price.

Fiat 500 Sport Review

On this sport model, you get everything that comes with the standard Pop model and these additional features:

  • Unique Sport Appearance Rear Spoiler
  • Front and Rear Fascias
  • 16-Inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • Red Brake Calipers
  • Bose® Premium Audio System
  • Sport suspension
  • Fog Lamps
  • Available TomTom® Navigation

In my opinion, if you can bear the extra $2,000, the Fiat 500 sport model has far better features than the standard ones that come on the Pop. A rear spoiler? Red brake calipers? Aluminum wheels instead of the dull steel? Bose premium audio system? Sign me up!!

Fiat 500 Sport Customer Feedback

“Next month will be my one year anniversary of purchasing this car. Me and my wife have put 11,100 miles on it thus far and besides a small plug hole in my back right tire (thanks to a nail), we’ve had absolutely zero problems with the car. No maintenance, no costs, no hassle.”

Fiat Sport“This car is great value for the price. I purchased one back in December of last year and it has astonishingly good handling and is very fun to drive. The ride is a lot smoother than my Nissan Altima I used to have. Handles freeways and turns very smoothly and has just enough power that one needs in a vehicle. I got the sport package because of how much better the wheels and the spoiler looked on it and so far I am very pleased with my purchase.”

“I rented a 500 sport to test it out last week to see if I wanted to purchase one or not. I drove just under 1800 miles on it through very different terrains including highways, mountain roads, and busy cities. I also drove it in various whether conditions from heavy winds and rain to sunny and clear climates. The Fiat 500 sport performed very well in all different conditions. The traction was never hindered and the ride was smooth throughout. There is just enough storage space to carry anything you would need on a road trip and the sport seats are much more comfortable than I thought they would be. The best part about the whole test drive was that the vehicle averaged 39 MPG throughout the trip with a bit of cruise control here and there. Will definitely be looking to purchase one in the next few months once I find a good deal on it.”