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Fiat 500 Specs and Features

The Fiat 500 has tons of specs and features that are both appealing and attractive to the average consumer. Today we will be taking a look at each and every spec to this vehicle and see what puts this vehicle above its competitors.

Interior: The interior consists of front seats that comprise of 39 inches of head room, 48 inches of hip room, and 41 inches of leg room. The back seats have 36 inches of head room, 43 inches of hip room, and 32 inches of leg room. As one could tell, there is a lot less leg room and space in the rear seats.

Power Options: Heated and power mirrors, power windows, and remote door locks.

Convenience: The Fiat 500 also comes with cruise control, both front and rear cup-holders, power steering with tilting steering wheel, and audio controls embedded into the steering wheel.

Comfort: The main comfortability features that come on the Fiat 500 include air conditioning, air filtration throughout the interior, steering wheel made of leather, and double vanity mirrors.

Entertainment: Six speakers, 1-disc CD player w/ MP3 playback, iPod enabled auxiliary inputs, and a connectable USB connection.

Communication: The Fiat 500 comes equipped with enabled Bluetooth capabilities providing for hands-free outbound communication.

Exterior: 15″ all-season Steel wheels with covers and a spare as well as a tire repair toolkit makes up the all the exterior specs.

Exterior Options: A few exterior upgradeable options to choose from include mounted carriers for bikes, skis, and snowboards, roof decals with black or white stripes and body decals with blue, white, red, or green racing stripes. A few other upgrades include car covers, a power sunroof, and aluminum wheels.

Warranty: A standard 4 year/50,000 mile warranty comes with every purchase.Fiat

Performance: The engine is a 1.4 Liter 4 cylinder engine. It has 98 feet of torque and 101 horsepower. Transmission comes stock as a 5-speed manual and is front wheel drive only.

MPG: City averages 30 MPG while the highway reaches an average of 38 MPG.

Safety: Seven air bags covering the front, rear, and side, security theft system, emergency brakes, stability and traction control, and a monitoring system for tire pressure.

As you can see, there are many different Fiat 500 specs that come stock on this car. From Bluetooth to heated windows to a very attractable MPG, there is many features here that I’m positive you’ll love. Besides the specs mentioned above, there is also 4 packages to choose from. The Pop is the most basic, Sport is the next one up, Lounge follows, and the brand new Fiat 500 Abarth is the top of the line. Depending on the specs your looking for, the upgrades you want, and the budget your looking to spend – you will definitely find a Fiat 500 model that’s right for you.