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The Fiat 500 Lounge Model

The Fiat 500 Lounge goes one step beyond what has been preceded by it in the Sport model. It has many new options to make your vehicle that much more appealing and comfortable.

The MSRP begins at $18,500 which is $1,000 higher than the Sport and $3,000 higher than the Pop. Is this model worth the pay bump? Let’s take a look.

Fiat 500 Lounge Review

The Fiat 500 Lounge has a good amount of upgradeable features on it. It comes with everything you would see on the Sport model along with these additional features:

  • Available Six-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Fixed Glass Roof
  • 15-Inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • Bright Exterior Accents
  • Premium Cloth Seats
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio+
  • Security Alarm System
  • Electronic Stability Control+

When we reviewed the sport model, I mentioned that the added features on it were well worth the $2,000 increase in price as it had many attractable upgrades that made the car much more appealing. As far as the lounge goes, I can’t say the same.
The only add-ons worth mentioning here is the satellite radio, the fixed glass roof, and the premium cloth seats. First of all, not many people care about satellite radio.

It came on one of my cars I used to own and I could honestly say I never used it once. The fixed glass roof can be a plus for some but its nothing we haven’t seen on other models. That leaves the premium cloth seats. While many people really prefer this look, is it really worth an extra $1,000? In my opinion they are very nice and a huge upgrade, but I don’t know about $1,000 nice. I guess that is up to the consumer.

Fiat Lounge Customer Feedback

Fiat 500 Lounge

“I chose to go with the Lounge model to take advantage of a rebate my local dealership was offering and for the fixed glass roof and premium cloth seat features. Not only did I get a good deal on the car, but the cloth bucket seats are very appealing and comfortable. The Fiat 500 Lounge is a very fun and retro car to drive. One thing I would change if I had the option is the size of the cup-holders, a bit too small for my liking.”

“I test drove the Lounge a week after testing out the Mini-Cooper S. Although there were many similarities, there were tons of differences too. First of all, Fiat has done an excellent job of making the car feel bigger than it really is by adding large front windows and very tall chair seats. The Mini-Cooper also had a much rougher drive as it felt like you could feel many more bumps in the road than the 500 did. The handling on both cars was basically a wash and all the smaller features were pretty much the same as well. Overall, I found a few more likeable features in the Fiat 500 Lounge than the Mini.”