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The Second Generation Acura RDX 2015 Review

The 2015 Acura RDX is the third edition of the second generation luxury crossover and it’s better than ever. The now familiar sporty design is there, largely unchanged…and for good reason. The 2013 RDX introduced the newest generation and the 2014 RDX refined that introduction.


Exploring the Reasons for a 2015 Kia Rio

Purchasing a new vehicle is exciting. Even if you’ve managed to narrow it down to a specific manufacturer, you still have a number of options to consider. One of those options from Kia, is the 2015 Rio.


For Safety and Convenience, Drive the 2014 Honda Odyssey

Your family can all comfortably fit in the 2014 Honda Odyssey. Grab the kids and the soccer team and head out for pizza, take the family on a road trip to Disney or to Grandma’s – the Odyssey will get you there. Regardless of what your schedule looks like or what is on your to-do list, the Odyssey is the minivan that can get you from point A to B in comfort and in style.


Is the 2014 Kia Forte the Vehicle for You?

Longer, lower, and wider – that is what Kia was able to offer with the new 2014 Kia Forte. This year’s model is a four-door sedan with a larger shell than the 2013 model. With 106.3 inches, the new wheelbase is 2 inches longer than the previous edition. The overall length also gained a little more than an inch. The height, on the other hand, had been reduced by an inch.


Comparing the 2015 Ford Fiesta

The 2015 Ford Fiesta is seriously fun to drive. With nimble handling and a responsive design, you can count on the Fiesta to immediately adjust to your every wish.

Need to pass a car on the freeway? No problem. Need to merge quickly? Not an issue. The Fiesta delivers the performance you need in order to get where you need to go and do so quickly, efficiently and safely.


Should the 2016 Kia Rio be the Next Vehicle you Purchase?

Purchasing a vehicle can be a pretty overwhelming experience. With so many different makes, models, and years on the market – making a decision is next to impossible. Narrowing it down by even just the manufacturer is still going to leave you with tons of options to choose from. With any vehicle, it can be helpful to learn more about it when you are trying to decide whether or not it is the right vehicle for you.


Beyond Reliable, the 2012 Honda Accord is Fun to Drive

The 2012 Honda Accord delivers high quality performance, clear and undisputable value, comfort, responsiveness, plenty of space and everything that you could need from a mid-size sedan or coupe. Honda knows what they are doing and has been building reliable cars for decades.

Recently, however, they have been also focused on the design elements that make cars stand out. The new model is certainly an improvement over their older models. In fact, anyone that is looking for a sleeker and sexier car can find it in the Accord coupe.


The 2014 Acura RLX is an Entirely New Luxury Car

With the 2014 Acura RLX, Acura is reintroducing us to the philosophy of “luxury defined by you.” This is a vehicle that has made an impression with it’s under the radar excellence, and performance that is higher than one might expect at this price point.


The 2015 Honda Odyssey is the Perfect Family Vehicle

When it is time to find the perfect minivan, you should certainly test drive the 2015 Honda Odyssey. Plenty of storage space for groceries and soccer gear, cup holders for you and all of your children, entertainment options and comprehensive safety features.


An Honest Look at what the 2016 Kia Forte offers you

The 2016 Kia Forte is considered to be one of the more comprehensive compact vehicles on the market. Whether you are looking at the 4-door sedan, the 2-door coupe, or the 5-door hatchback, you will be happy to know there are an impressive number of features to consider.


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