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The history of automobiles is a long and windy road. Fifteen years ago, people driving to the gas station to fill up their beloved vehicles was a given. Gas prices were soaring, carbon dioxide emissions were at an all-time high, and climate change was rarely discussed.

As for automobile manufacturers – GM, Ford, and Chrysler (The Big 3) were the three largest in the United States which held 65% of the market share. Today, that number has dropped to nearly 40% due to the rise of other manufacturers such as: Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and Nissan.

Auto News and Market Changes

The automobile industry is always rapidly changing, and we can only expect more advances over the next decade. Environmental changes have affected this market drastically as a move away from petroleum has slowly reared its head. Gas-powered vehicles are no longer the only beast on the road as Hybrid and Electric cars have gained popularity for 4 straight calendar years. New models like the Tesla S and the Nissan Leaf have impacted the market in a big way selling nearly 43,000 units just in 2015.

Tesla Motors

One of the main reasons has been the growing need to preserve our environment, stabilize climate, and make a move away from one of the most sought out resources on the globe – oil.

Carbon Dioxide emissions have been the biggest factor affecting climate change over the past several decades. In fact, 33% of all carbon dioxide emissions come directly from transportation. Because of these reasons, President Barack Obama made it a mission to have 1 million electric vehicles on the road by the end of 2015. Additionally, research shows that this number will rise to nearly 12 million by 2030. Astonishing numbers if it holds true.

Auto Industry Trends

Trends can change over a relatively short period of time, but who would’ve thought the evolution of the automobile would be where it is today. Just think about it, in the last century we have accomplished some of the most mind-blowing technological advancements ever seen! For instance, we invented the fully electric car which is the ultimate type of vehicle to “go green” and protect the environment, as well as the Hybrid type vehicle mixing both traditional fossil fuels and electric power. Not to mention all the enormous advancements to traditional fossil fuel powered vehicles such as the huge increases in horsepower.

Other auto industry trends that have warped into what we know today are based upon style. For example, most vehicles in the past had only one main function, to get you from point A to B. Now, most drivers want their vehicle to look sleek and modern. Because of this trend, vehicle manufacturers have adapted and adapted fast. Just take the new Abarth model, this vehicle started as a complete racecar before Fiat bought the company and made the overall design of the vehicle compatible for the everyday driver (who wants to go FAST).

More Recent Trends in the Automobile Industry

Maybe going back a full century is a little far to make comparisons and “judge” styles. Let’s take a look at some of the more recent trends in the automobile. Because of environmental changes, cars today are built to conserve resources. But do they really conserve resources in the ways the general public believes? Experts suggest a big “NO” as these vehicles are not as environmentally friendly as we once thought. Reason being, these vehicles use significantly more fossil fuels during the production process than fossil fueled powered cars. Some experts have even reported, hybrids and other electric vehicles do more damage to the environment just during their production process than a conventional vehicle will do in its ENTIRE lifetime. Passat GTW Hybrid SUV

In regard to this issue, we have to think long term. Yes a hybrid vehicle will do more damage initially, but once this concept is fully adapted, this recent trend in the automobile industry will do more good than bad. Widespread acceptance of this new vehicle type will help ensure a long and healthy life for our modern earth.

Auto News – what’s going on in the world today?

Automotive news is changing everyday, to stay “up to date” on this news, you have to be vigilant. For instance, this year China has officially set six annual records for the most new vehicles purchased in the 150-year history of the automobile. This is an incredible achievement and shows the growth of the Chinese population over the last few years.

Everybody has heard of Toyota’s version of the smart car – the Prius, and most have seen Nissan’s new Leaf model; but have you heard of the new and completely electric Tesla vehicle? Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by Elon Musk (most prominent founder) in Palo Alto, California. There are several vehicles currently available for purchase: the Model S, the Model X and the Model 3. All of these are 100% electric with the option to “supercharge” your battery giving you better acceleration and top speed. The introduction of these vehicles is a milestone in the automotive industry. Reason being, this is the first time we have seen a “supercar” in the realm of electric vehicles. Musk is an innovator as he has clearly transformed the world of electric cars forever.

Car Analysis is CRUCIAL when making a buying decision

When purchasing a new vehicle, there are a number of things you want to look at in particular. If you’re looking for a vehicle with a first priority of keeping your family safe, then you will want to check out what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has awarded for safety ratings.

If instead you’re looking for a vehicle that will have a ton of horsepower and will really “turn heads” when you’re out on the town, you should check out our review on the Fiat Abarth. This company (before it was acquired by Fiat) was strictly around to build supercars and competed with many of the top brands in the industry including going head to head with Porsche. Clearly, if you are looking for a quick little car, the Abarth would be a perfect option for you.

2016 LeafNow let’s say you’re looking for a vehicle strictly to save money (and possibly the environment). If this is your main goal, you should check out our car reviews regarding some of the better fuel-efficient vehicles. A perfect example of one is the Nissan Leaf.

Not only is the Leaf extremely fuel efficient (being 100% electric powered), the vehicle is also very reasonable in terms of initial purchase price.

To review, here are some basic guidelines for a proper car analysis prior to walking into a dealership.

  • Safety Rating: to keep you and your family safe if any type of collision would occur.
  • Fuel Efficiency: looking to save money? Fuel efficiency should be right at the top of your list of buying factors.
  • Initial Purchase Price: make sure the vehicle is actually in your price range.
  • Performance: durability and longevity of a vehicle is as important as anything.

Car Trends: what to look out for

Government regulation is becoming more and more strict in regards to fuel-efficient vehicles. By the year 2025, all vehicles will be required to get fifty miles per gallon AT THE LEAST. Car companies and manufacturers have been slowly adapting and changing to make these regulations easier to deal with. The main way they are doing this is by making their vehicles lighter. Some of the newer car trends for these auto manufacturers is to use aluminum and other materials that drastically reduce the weight of their cars. But, because these new materials are lighter, they tend to absolutely “crumble” when they are in a collision.

Now what am I trying to tell you with that “long winded” introduction? Simple, do your research thoroughly when buying a new vehicle. Figure out what material is used so it doesn’t spend more time in a body shop then you actually driving it.

Tesla Model X

Car Reviews

We live in a new age in 2016 as now more than ever people are doing their research prior to making any purchase. With the internet being at its peak; information can be found, viewed and downloaded within seconds.

Whether it’s home appliances, electronics, or the newest movie hitting the theater – everyone wants to see what others have to say prior to trying it for themselves.

In the automobile industry, cars are no different. Throughout this website, we will be giving you car reviews for some of the best, and some of the worst automobiles in the industry. Driving has been a luxury for over 100 years; our goal is to look at each make and model so consumers can get the most out of their driving experiences and find the best bang for your buck. Whether you’re into gas-powered vehicles like the Acura MDX or a modern Hyundai Genesis; or an electric vehicle like the new Tesla Model X – we have it all here for your review.

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As I’m sure you have noticed, many of the vehicle car review sites are just auto-blog type-sites. Meaning, they have scripts and other items in place to “pull” information from the web that gets automatically configured to their site. Our site is not like the others in this regard. We actually take the time to completely search the web and hear what consumers have to say, and use the most current information to determine if the vehicle will be a good fit for most families. With some reviews, we actually go as far to visit a local dealership to take a closer look at the vehicle and go for a test ride to get “first hand” experience on driveability. No other review site has comprehensive reviews like ours, as a brand we can promise you that!